Van Life Cleaning Hacks: Follow Along As I Clean My Van

Dee | Lady Bugout
by Dee | Lady Bugout

I am at a dispersed camping area for a few days, and that is the perfect time to deep clean because there are not a lot of people around.

I believe in cleaning therapy, and I thought it might be interesting for you as well to see how much cleaning a van requires.

Today, I am tackling a few areas, reorganizing a bit, and we will see how it goes!

Van cleaning and organization

The under cabinet area has been the most problematic recently, since it holds a lot of different things and I have been just throwing them in there to keep them out of the way. It does not serve me well so I want to make sure this area is a bit more organized today.

I rearranged the stuff, putting the water filter that I do not need to access that much at the bottom, as well as some other things, such as the pot I rarely use.

Some other things I keep here include my water jugs, a mirror, my stove and other kitchen appliances: my coffee filter, a little skillet and plates. There are also some food items, such as snacks, grains, beans, coffee and baking products.

I use stackable containers, which remain in place very well. I like to fixate the bigger items using some Styrofoam that will keep them from sliding around on the shelf.

I cleaned the entire area with an Envirocloth, which is an amazing small cloth that dries so fast, with just some water and a bit of hydrogen peroxide.

Van cleaning and organization

One of the benefits of not having a lot of shelf space is that there is not much to get dirty. I just have to wipe it down every so often. The bags I have hanging on the wall of course can get dirty sometimes, but all I have to do is take them down, clean them and restaple them.

Van cleaning and organization

This side feels a little bit cluttered to me, but it is all useful stuff. I have decided to take a little drawer that I will put away, and I relocated some of the things I do not really use on a daily basis in there: little utensils from a charcuterie board, extra scissors, some pens, measuring spoons, a reusable straw and chopsticks, and so on.

I kept the bigger things, such as spatulas, tongs, serving utensils, a manual blender, a French press coffee maker and a coffee jar. Now it looks a bit tidier here!

Van cleaning and organization

Finally, I cleaned my sofa and blankets. The sofa pillows are attached to the back of it with Velcro, and I need to fluff it up and bring it up.

Under the sofa, there is some storage space that holds my socks, gloves and other small accessories. A bungee cord stops the mattress from flying forward when I stop. The blankets are not a necessity, but they are a great way to protect the couch.

Van cleaning and organization

I am all done, and it feels so good! Thanks for hanging out with me. How much time does it take you to clean your house? If you are a fellow van-lifer, how often do you clean your van and have you developed any strategies to make the process even easier? Let me know in the comments!

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