3 Southern Breakfast Sandwich Recipes That Cost $1 Per Serving

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Let's get in the kitchen and cook up some Southern breakfast sandwich recipes. Today, I want to show you three wonderful Southern breakfast sandwich recipes that are so delicious, and each serving costs less than a dollar.

How to make a liver mush and egg breakfast sandwich

1. Liver mush and egg sandwich

The first breakfast sandwich recipe that we are going to be making today is a liver mush and egg sandwich. I have my liver mush here and I am just slicing that up. I like to slice mine thicker, you do not have to.

Next, I'm going to heat up some oil in my skillet on the stove. Then I'm just going to place my liver mush and I'm going to be making three sandwiches (but you've always got to do one extra piece for snacking).

Frying up liver mush for breakfast

I'll let the liver mush cook for a couple of minutes on each side. I just give it a flip; you're going to be looking for those crispy edges. After I give it a flip, I'm just going to cook for a few more minutes. Once your liver mush has these crispy edges, that's when it's done. It just depends on your pan, your stove and the heat, and how hot your pan is. 

Once your liver mush is looking crispy, you're going to remove it to a paper towel-lined plate, and then we're going to get ready to make our eggs. We'll assemble our sandwich later.

How to cook eggs Southern style

2. Egg sandwich

I wiped out the pan and now I have some eggs here that I'm going to whisk and I'm going to be pouring them into my pan.

Now I'm cooking this morning for me and two of the kids, so I'm going to be making three sandwiches. 

I put four eggs in the pan, I’m just pouring those into my pan. I am not scrambling them. I'm doing it like an omelet. Then, I am going to take some salt and pepper to season the eggs. 

Frying up eggs for breakfast

Once they are starting to form, I go ahead and cut them into as many pieces as I need for the sandwiches and then flip them over. Since I'm making three sandwiches, I've cut this into three pieces. Since I am making three different sandwiches, I'm going to be making two with liver mush and an egg and one that's just an egg sandwich. 

Southern-style egg sandwich for breakfast

That's the second sandwich that I wanted to share with you. I grew up on egg sandwiches. I love egg sandwiches. 

To build the sandwiches the first thing you want to do is toast 

up two slices of bread. Then you're going to put mayo on both sides of the bread and you're going to put some egg on one of the sandwiches. This is your classic egg sandwich. Some people like to put cheese on theirs. I love mine with just the egg, toast, and mayo. 

Southern liver mush and egg sandwich

Now let's assemble this liver mush and egg sandwich. We're starting this the same way as the egg sandwich. We have mayo on both sides of the toast. We have some eggs. Then I'm adding one of the slices of liver mush, and because my daughter likes mustard on hers so I'm going to put a little bit of mustard on her liver mush egg sandwich.

I just have mayonnaise on mine. Some people like cheese, some people like mustard, many like just egg and mayo on toast.  

These breakfast sandwiches are delicious, filling, and less than a dollar a serving. 

3. Fried bologna and egg sandwich

The next day we made another Southern breakfast sandwich. This one is less than a dollar. I think this one might be my favorite. We're going to be making a fried bologna and egg sandwich on toast. 

I'm going to start by preheating my skillet and putting some oil in there. I also cut slits into the bologna just so that it doesn't bubble up as it's cooking.

I've got my stove on medium-high heat. It depends on your stove how hot it cooks, how much heat that your pan retains on to how quick 

this is going to cook. I give mine a couple of minutes on each side then I give it a flip. You're going to start seeing browning and a crispy edge happening. 

Frying up bologna

If you were to look closely at my pieces, you would see that one side of my pan is cooking a lot hotter than the other side of the pan, soI try to rotate the pieces there. Once they are done on both sides, I remove them and place them on a paper towel-lined pan. 

Next, I'm just going to start building the sandwich. I just take two pieces of toast. I put mayonnaise on two sides. I'm then going to be adding some bologna. I had already cooked up some egg, just like I showed you yesterday. I'm going to be adding some egg on top of the bologna. 

Next, I'm going to be covering my sandwich with the other piece of bread.

Cut the sandwich in half. This is another wonderful, affordable, delicious Southern breakfast. Some people like cheese on their sandwiches. Some people like mustard. I just like the mayo.  

Breakfast sandwich recipes

Breakfast sandwich recipes

The three Southern breakfast sandwiches cost $1 per serving or less and they are delicious. If you haven’t tried a Southern breakfast sandwich, try these breakfast sandwich recipes. You won’t be disappointed!

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  • Jenthewren Jenthewren on Aug 15, 2022

    Not sure what liver mush or scrapple are ?

    I'm English & confused 😆

    • Gina L Chambers Gina L Chambers on Aug 15, 2022

      No problem with being English; I am a certified American Southerner and am confused at why folks are still eating this type of food. 😆

      "Liver Mush" is a type or sausage of sorts made from pork liver, parts of the pig head & corn meal and spices. "Scrapple" is similar only it consists of a variety of pig parts such as liver, hearts, heads, brains, & skin, etc mixed with both cornmeal & wheat flour.

      Both very healthy. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hb Hb on Aug 24, 2022

    you need to come up with a more enticing name for your Liver mush! Sound gross but if a person likes liver I am sure it is delicious. Get rid of that name !