How to Make 10 Slow Cooker Freezer Dump Meals in 1 Hour

Jaime Bacon
by Jaime Bacon

In this video, we are making ten slow cooker freezer dump meals in less than an hour. I have to tell you, I was so excited to put this together because I’m struggling along with you all.

Are you stressed out when it comes to dinner, or even stressed thinking about it the morning of? You may have busy evenings and don’t have a lot of time to get dinner on the table. Well, that is what these slow cooker freezer dump meals are for.

I just took five recipes and doubled them. It takes less than an hour to put these together and into the freezer and there is no pre-cooking required.

Ingredients for the slow cooker freezer dump meals


All the ingredients are from Aldi. In order to save money, I tried to stick with one protein. In my store, the boneless chicken thighs were the cheapest. If at your store, the boneless chicken breasts are cheaper, you can get them instead.

You can probably also use bone-in chicken. Just remember, after cooking you will need to spend extra time shredding the meat off the bone.

The total cost of these ingredients was $65.36 (Prices as of February 2023 in Ohio). That means that each of these meals is about $6.53, and each serving is about $1.63.

Most of these meals serve four people. $1.63 a serving is amazing compared to going out to eat with a family of four.

The five meals we are going to make are chicken cacciatore, teriyaki chicken, Hawaiian barbeque chicken sliders, salsa chicken, and chicken taco soup. I’m going to go step by step and show you exactly what to do. 

Labeling the freezer bags

1. Label all the gallon-sized freezer bags

You need to know what you're making and what you're putting into each bag. I write the date, the name of the recipe, and any cooking instructions. If there are any other instructions, like adding extra broth, you can put that on the bag as well. 

It’s much easier to write on the bags when they are completely empty.

Chopping the vegetables

2. Chop the vegetables

I’m doing all the same things at the same time. That will help me save time in the end. 

I’m chopping up two bell peppers and two onions and putting them in separate bowls so I can divide them in between the meals that need them.

Boneless chicken thighs

3. Put the chicken into the bags

I’m using boneless, skinless chicken thighs. Chicken thighs are just as good as chicken breasts (they are actually higher in fat, which makes them taste better). I have thirty thighs here. With ten meals, I can divide them into three per bag.


We are getting the unsanitary stuff done first. I’m opening the bags ahead of time.

Putting the chicken into the bags

Then, I’m adding three pieces of chicken to each bag. 

I washed my hands thoroughly after doing this, before moving on to the next step.

Opening the cans

4. Open all the cans

It was much easier to get everything done at the same time.

Assembling the meals

5. Assemble the meals

These bag holders save my life when it comes to making meals.

Making barbeque chicken

Barbeque chicken

First up was the barbeque chicken. I put in barbeque sauce and a can of pineapples and then sealed the bag tightly.

You have to squeeze out the air before closing the bags — it helps the food to stay fresh.

I washed my hands after each freezer meal since there was raw chicken on the tops of the bags.

Making chicken taco soup

Chicken taco soup

Next up is the chicken taco soup. This is where a whole lot of the cans came in. I added diced tomatoes, drained pinto beans, black beans, and corn, and taco seasoning. I didn’t add broth to these, because the bags were so full. If you do the same thing, write on the freezer bag to add two cups of broth before you cook.

Making salsa chicken

Salsa chicken

Next up, I’ve got the salsa chicken. In addition to the chicken, I put in one cup of salsa, part of the onion, and taco seasoning. I’ve found three to four tablespoons of seasoning equals one packet.

Making chicken cacciatore

Chicken cacciatore

Next up, we have the chicken cacciatore. I added the rest of the onion and the bell peppers. I also drained those cans of mushrooms before adding them in, the diced tomatoes (which I did not drain), and the spaghetti sauce. 

Making teriyaki chicken

Teriyaki chicken

Lastly, we have teriyaki chicken. I added some garlic, some bottled teriyaki sauce, and bags of frozen, stir-fried vegetables. The easiest way to get vegetables in is to use frozen veggies. I also added one can (or one cup) of chicken broth to each bag.


After I got that one sealed, I was all done. It took me less than an hour to get all the meals accomplished. It was amazing!

Freezing the meals

6. Freeze all the meals

You can lay them out flat if you want to stack them up on top of each other, but I have found that if you squish the bags into a cube shape, that will help you dump it straight out into the slow cooker from frozen.

Cleaning the surfaces

7. Clean your surfaces

I had raw chicken everywhere on the counter, so it’s a good idea to sanitize afterward.

Teriyaki chicken with rice

8. Cook those meals when you’re ready

I cooked mine from frozen using the time on the package and it all worked out fine. You can serve them with side items, like rice with teriyaki chicken and pasta with chicken cacciatore. Whatever your family likes.

Barbeque chicken sandwiches

Salsa chicken

Chicken cacciatore

Slow cooker freezer dump meals

So, what do you think? This was super easy, with no cooking involved. In an hour, I was able to get ten meals in the freezer. You may want to cook extra things, but the main part of dinner is done. 

Click here for a free freezer prep plan. It has all the recipes, a grocery list, and a step-by-step plan for putting everything together. 

Slow cooker freezer dump meals

I hope this is helpful and reduces the dinnertime stress. Leave me a comment and let me know if you’ve ever tried these kinds of slow cooker freezer dump meals. What is your favorite slow cooker meal?

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