Cheap & Tasty Dollar Tree Meals the Whole Family Will Enjoy

by Simplify

You work way too hard to throw away money on overpriced goods, especially at the grocery store where prices seem to be skyrocketing these days. Fortunately, there are simple solutions that will help you stretch your food budget even further. And one of the most obvious solutions is to save money with Dollar Tree meals.

Dollar Tree meal ideas are everywhere nowadays. And many savvy content creators, like Christine from Frugal Fit Mom, know the ins and outs of whipping up cheap Dollar Tree meals that your family will love.

In her latest Dollar Tree grocery haul video, Christine goes to work scouring the aisles and getting your creative, meal-planning juices flowing.

First up, Christine shows off some of the best Dollar Tree groceries to pick up right now for breakfast including Pillsbury homestyle biscuit mix, Pioneer country gravy mix, Farmer John pork sausage links, and Marcel’s Modern Pantry whole milk. With just four ingredients from your local store, you can make biscuits and gravy for around five dollars.

The next Dollar Tree meal she recommends is pink sauce pasta. For this lunch option, you need seven ingredients: Columbia rotini, Hunt’s traditional pasta sauce, Prego classic alfredo sauce, Supreme Tradition oregano, Supreme Tradition basil, Extra Value beef patties, and TJ Farms seasoning blend vegetables. And it only costs $8.75.

Garlic bread pizza

When it comes to Dollar Tree meals for dinner, Christine and her family enjoy garlic bread pizza. This quick and easy meal costs just five dollars and requires four ingredients. All you have to pick up is Gio’s Texas toast, Voletti’s pizza sauce, Farmer John pork sausage links, and Kraft string cheese.

Lastly, Christine says that Dollar Tree meals don’t end there. You have plenty of dessert options as well, and many of them cost a fraction of what you’d pay at other grocery stores.

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  • Emmawilliams1 Emmawilliams1 on Jul 05, 2023

    Wish I had a Dollar Tree close by..did have where lived before, but also had a huge Supercenter Walmart which we shopped, so never took advantage of Dollar Tree.. Recipe ideas sound great as I am now alone, so try to eat fast and easy...Thx!

    • Tina Tina on Jul 06, 2023

      I live alone, too, but there's lots of cheap, easy meals to make, and I always make extra, for another day. On weekends, I cook eggs, fried potatoes and bacon, and eat the leftovers the next few days in wraps, or on bagels or toast. Baked potatoes are filling and cheap. Quesadillas are great with whatever leftovers you need to use up. I also make soups, lasagna and chili, and freeze them in single-serve portions, for later. Dollar Tree is GREAT, but Walmart has some good prices, too, as does Lidl and Aldi, if you have those close by.

  • Deb Shelton Deb Shelton on Jul 06, 2023

    European trip… our son was the same.