Budget Friendly Fast Back to School Lunch Ideas

January Ember
by January Ember

Check out these Amazing budget friendlyBento Box Lunches You can make in five minutes!

My daughter hated the cafeteria food at school, so last year when she went back to school for 3rd grade, I started making her Bento Box lunches.

Over the past year we have found some great tools that help make our morning lunch prep fast, easy, economical, and efficient – those are a few of my favorite things!

In the beginning we started off with 2 Bento Boxes we got from Pottery Barn Kids. Throughout the last year of Bento Boxes I realized:

  • You need at least 5 Bento Boxes

  • Have 1-2 Leak-Proof Bento Boxes

  • Invest in tools to make lunch prep fast and fun
Note: the "lid" compartment inside, is NOT leakproof!

We have found quite a few Bento Boxes that we really like along this journey and I am happy to tell you about what we like best.

Frankly, these are my daughter’s opinions. At the end of the day, she always tells me “Mom, this leaked and made my pretzels soggy…so I didn’t eat them..”.

Since some of our Bento Boxes are not “leakproof” I make sure I only use certain foods in those types of Boxes.

I love using mini brioche rolls for a fast delicious little sandwich! I throw on ham and some cucumber and that’s it!

Ham on mini brioche, grapes, cherries, chips, granola bar hidden in surprise unicorn eggs!
These tools are really fun and easy to use.

I love doing the fun shape cutouts!


Cucumber cutouts are fun and these always get eaten!

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This was a fun summer practice Unicorn shape we made!

If I can recommend any tool that is just flat out awesome, it is these sandwich cutters and sealers that make the cutest crustless sandwiches!

These are super easy to use and you can make amazing cute little sandwiches in 3 minutes!

Flower Power! Look how lovely end pieces of bread work!

The Clover is one of my Favs! It is so cute!
Little chick with her surprise eggs on a bed of edible grass!
My daughter did this! She is great at it!
He is a bunny no matter what they say!
I love these little containers for ranch dressing!

This little stainless steel containers with silicone lids are great for sauce, dressing, syrup, etc. My girl loves ranch with her carrots so I got these and they are perfect for Bento Boxes!

Mini container with ranch and bologna star!

These ice packs are really cute and they stay cool for a long time!

You can totally make adult versions of these cute lunches for yourself too!

Never be too old to search the skies on Christmas Eve! Keep the magic alive and enjoy a little whimsy in your life!

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Have a magical day!


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January Ember
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