DOING IT ON A DIME - Back to School Bento Box Lunch Ideas on a Budget

January Ember
by January Ember

Last year before school started, my daughter specifically asked me to start making her lunch for her turns out she never liked the cafeteria food. After volunteering many times and eating it myself…I understood! How could I say NO to THAT?! For a long time I thought, it’s too expensive, I don’t have time…

Potter Barn Kids Bento Box clear glitter

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Note: this one is not leak proof!

When I started off I did not have any “tools” and we only had those 2 Bento Boxes. They are 2 of our favorite boxes, but they are not “compartment-leak-free” sad to say, so this can be an issue at times.

The other Pottery Barn Kids Bento Box - Stainless steel with a clear lid

After I started making lunch everyday I realized I needed to have a minimum of 5 Bento Boxes!

To Amazon and Target I went and started experimenting with different Bento Boxes – especially looking for one that had “Leak-Free” compartments!

Pottery Barn Kids Bento Box - Sanwiches I made using a cookie cutter!

The bento boxes that I bought and actually use in my bento box lunch ideas are the ones I’ve attached for you! I have bought many and returned the ones that just didn’t work! I have done the legwork!

If you haven’t realized by now, I don’t mind experimenting to get exactly what I want!

It took a little while for me to really hit my stride, but I did make some cute lunches along the way, even my amateur ones!

Since I was so new at this last year I didn’t really get any “Back to School” themes created, so this year I am going to work on some fun ideas!

In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the Bento Box Lunches I’ve created so far to give you some inspiration and ideas before the school year kicks off! I’ll go into some other posts on how to make the crustless sandwiches, grab and go grocery lists, theme lunches for birthday, holidays.

Flower Power! Look how lovely end pieces of bread work!
The Clover is one of my Favs! It is so cute!

These crustless sandwiches take less than 2 minutes to make, super easy and just so cute! My kid always loves them and eats it all! Check out my St Patrick’s Day Lucky theme lunches here!

My daughter did this! She loves to help too!

He is a bunny no matter what they say!

Check out my Spring Bento Box Ideas

Check out my Spring Bento Box Ideas I love to add theme cookies, animal crackers, anything seasonal in with my theme lunches!

Easter themes were fun this year!

Check out my Spring Bento Box Ideas

Little chick with her surprise eggs on a bed of edible grass!

Another Favorite! Spring flower bento box on edible grass!

This was a Super Fast Easy lunch that she LOVED! Took me 5 minutes! AND MADE HER DAY!

Ham on mini brioche, grapes, cherries, chips, granola bar hidden in surprise unicorn eggs!

5 minute Brunch Lunch: Mini waffles, grapes, goldfish, mini granola bar, Hershey kiss & chocolate heart treat!
Brunch Lunch! Mini waffles, banana, raisins, granola bar, goldfish.
2 minute crustless sandwich, banana, strawberries, raspberies, Fritos.
The 2 minute quick lunch!

What’s the best thing about making fun lunches for my daughter?

When I pick her up from school, the first thing she says when she gets in the car is, “Hi, Mom, I loved my lunch! I ate it all!”

I hope you enjoyed seeing some ideas for creating a fun bento box lunch for your kids or yourself, no judgement!

I have totally made myself these cute lunches for myself too!

Never be too old to search the skies on Christmas Eve! Keep the magic alive and enjoy a little whimsy in your life!

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found something helpful and inspiring.

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January Ember
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  • Jill Lewis Jill Lewis on Sep 02, 2022

    Grapes should be sliced to prevent choking. In Texas it’s a state licensing rule. The lunches look delicious and nutritious.