5 Super-Cheap Super Bowl Food Ideas

by SouthernFrugalMomma

I am always looking for ideas for cheap Super Bowl food. Here are several dishes that I am making for my own sons and husband this year, and I am very excited. Here are some cheap and easy Super Bowl snacks that I am sure you will enjoy making at your home.

Pizza dip

Pizza dip

This first dish for the Super Bowl is pizza dip, which is one of the easiest dips to make, in my opinion. First, put 8oz of cream cheese in there. Then sprinkle around a tablespoon of Italian seasoning.

Now put in around half a cup of shredded Parmesan cheese. Mash it with a fork and get everything mixed together. Then with clean hands, press it across the bottom of the baking dish.

Pour some pizza sauce over it, however much you want. Some people like a ton of pizza sauce, and others prefer minimal sauce, so you choose. Next, sprinkle some mozzarella cheese on top.

Finally, cut pepperonis up into smaller pieces so it will be easy to dip, sprinkle some more mozzarella, some more Italian seasoning, and optionally some grated Parmesan.

Now, bake this at 375 until it is all bubbly and pretty.

Super Bowl snacks on a budget

Baguette or bagel chips

Now that we have made the pizza dip, what are we going to use to dip in it? I suggest cooking up a baguette - just cut it up and bake it in the oven for 10 minutes.

For those who don’t want a baguette, I suggest making bagel chips. Get some plain bagels and cut them up, or get ones that are pre-sliced.

Melt half a cup of butter, and add some Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and grated parmesan to taste. Pour the mixture into a bowl with sliced bagels, cover it, and shake to coat it. Bake them until they are crispy like bagel chips.

Seven-layer dip

Seven-layer dip

While that is in the oven, let’s do a seven-layer dip. My seven-layer dip is different because I do not like guacamole, so I replace it with nacho cheese.

I like to use a mix of regular refried pinto beans and refried black beans. Get those into a baking sheet. Then top it with nacho cheese in some form.

At this point, bake it at 375 until it is bubbly. Meanwhile, chop the toppings: lettuce and tomatoes.

Once the base of the seven-layer dip is done, spread sour cream over it, top with a sprinkle of cheese, then add a layer of lettuce and a layer of tomatoes and finish with some more cheese. Seven layers, three of which are cheese.

Fruit salsa

Fruit salsa

Next up, we are going to do some fruit salsa. Dice up strawberries, mango, and kiwi. Strawberries are the bulk of the salsa, so cut up a lot.

Afterward, squeeze some lemon juice in there. Some people put preserves in their fruit salsa, for example, apples. You can put whatever you want in it, but this is how I like ours.

We dip ours with chocolate-covered pretzels or Stacy’s pita chips with cinnamon and sugar.

Pigs in blankets

Pigs in blankets

Last but not least, we are doing pigs in blankets. These are a bit fancier than your typical pigs in a blanket: we will be using some Puff Pastry and smoked sausage. We are going to be making two different kinds of pigs in a blanket: one with mustard and one with cheese.

How to make pigs in blankets

Let’s begin with mustard. For starters, cut each pastry sheet in half. Put some Dijon mustard on the pastry and smear it all around. Now, take one sausage and put it on each of those pieces of puff pastry.

Roll it up a little and seal it up with some egg wash on the end and on the inside, so it will stick together. Then roll it up really tight, and make sure it stays. Finally, cut them up into bite-size pieces.

Lay them out on a sheet and put some egg wash on top. To distinguish which is which, you can take some everything bagel seasoning and put it on top of the mustard pigs.

For the second kind of pigs in a blanket, which is cheesy, do the same thing, cut the puff pastry in half. This time put some egg wash on the inside and sprinkle some of that cheddar cheese on the inside. The egg wash helps that cheese stick and not fall out.

Then put in the smoked sausages and the rest of the process is exactly the same as for the mustard pigs, except you can sprinkle cheese on top instead of everything bagel seasoning. Bake both at 375 until they are done.

Cheap Super Bowl foods

Cheap Super Bowl food

My kids and my husband loved the budget Super Bowl party food I made, and I do think that your family will enjoy these as well. If you do give them a try, leave a comment to let me know how it goes! Have fun at your Super Bowl party!

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