How to Save Money on Beauty and Makeup

Today, I will tell you how to save money on beauty and makeup.

I have found a way to save money in every aspect of my life, and a big savings for me has been in beauty and makeup. I've done a ton of research in this area and figured out ways to save thousands of dollars in beauty products.

Distilled vinegar

1. Use regular household products

Many household products work just as well as the stuff you buy at the store or regular beauty products.

Distilled vinegar

The first one is good old white distilled vinegar. This is an amazing hair rinse. This will leave your hair shiny and great-looking.

I would recommend that you don't use this every day. I would say once a week at the most.

I apply it with a spray bottle.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Going right along with that is this coconut oil. I use coconut oil daily for many things, and it's super healthy for you in many ways. You must make sure that you get the unrefined coconut oil.

I put this coconut oil on my hair maybe once a month and sleep on it. The next day, I rinse it with vinegar, shampoo, and a regular conditioner.

This is also an amazing makeup remover and moisturizer.

Corn starch

Corn starch

The next thing that I use all the time is cornstarch. You can use cornstarch and baking powder as a dry shampoo.

This is amazing. If you take some cornstarch, dab it in there, and then rub it in, it makes that little balding spot look a little better.

Another amazing use for cornstarch is as a makeup setter. You have to do it lightly because it's white, and if you put on too much, it covers your makeup.



If you know anything about exfoliants, they're super expensive. They can range from $5 for a little can to $75. Don't buy them.

I'm going to tell you how to make the most amazing exfoliator. The first thing you'll need is coffee, which must be caffeinated. Caffeine will do things to your skin. I don't know if it's science, but you can just Google what caffeine does to your skin.

It must be wet. So, soak it in a cup and make it a mud paste. You don't want it to be dry and brittle. You want it to feel like mud. You can either take this and put it on your skin and just rub it as is, or you can add regular plain sugar to this, mix it in the coconut oil, and keep it in a jar.

If you don't want the stickiness of the sugar, you can add baking soda, which will give the same effect. If you like the warming feeling some exfoliants give, use tea tree oil or peppermint in your homemade beauty products.



Oranges are a miracle for your face. If you check pre-made beauty products, you see vitamin C and citric acid, which an orange is made from.

You can cut it in half, and I've seen people use the actual orange and just rub it on their face as an exfoliant.


2. Sleep

One of my biggest beauty secrets is completely free, and we all have it at our discretion, and that is sleeping.

A good night's sleep is the best thing you can do for your beauty regimen. You need to get the right amount of sleep on a good mattress with a good pillow.


3. Free samples

Moving on to face peels and other beauty products.

How do you get them for low cost to no cost? The answer is to get them free.

Because the beauty industry is so competitive, it is always looking for ways to reach new audiences, So suppliers always give away freebies. There are just so many ways and free samples online. As soon as you see an offer, fill it out.

Makeup palette

4. Clearance sales and coupons

Moving on to the last thing, how to get free cheap makeup that is also good quality. There are a million different ways to get free cheap makeup.

I got some on clearance at Walmart. Walmart does a sale two or three times a year where they just clear out a ton of makeup, and if you catch the sale at the right time, you will find bins and bins at Walmart filled with crazy cheap makeup.

I got my favorite foundations from a Rite Aid that was turning into a Walgreens and everything at the store was 90% off. When you find these sales like that, you stock up like crazy.

You find it super cheap. You buy a ton of it and add coupons for it. I also got some of this makeup for free samples through Sephora and other free sample opportunities that come up online.

Empty product container

5. Use everything

This next way will blow your mind at the simplicity of it, and that is using the last drop of everything. One of the things that I do is make sure I use the last drop.

Here is my right here, and there's only a little bit left, so I cut it, put my finger in it, and use it instead of squeezing it out of the bottom. If I was to squeeze it out of the bottom, I wouldn't get any left. Doing it this way, I have squeezed; sorry to use that pun; probably two more weeks out of this.

6. Gift cards and reward cards

Another way to get free or cheap makeup is by getting gift cards. I use the Fetch app to get them. If you can't get a gift card because you haven't used up enough Fetch points to cash out to get the gift card, please utilize the discounted gift card places that are out there like, Gift Card Granny, and even eBay has discounted gift cards.

So, if you were doing a big shopping haul at Ulta, I suggest using their reward system, getting money back at places like Tops Cash Back or eBay, and using a free or discounted gift card.

The stacking technique is you find it on sale at Ulta or Sephora, then you get the cashback from a place like Topp's Cash Back or Ebates, plus Sephora and Ulta also have rewards points, and then buy it with a discounted or free gift card. It's a four-step process.

How to save money on beauty

Those are my tips for how to save money on beauty. What techniques do you have to save money on beauty items? Share in the comments below.

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  • Tho77126809 Tho77126809 on Jan 13, 2024
    Doesn’t keeping makeup a long time cause problems with the product quality or effect on your skin?
  • Carol Carol on Jan 13, 2024
    You mean there are actually normal people who spend thousands of dollars on beauty products? Slap me upside the head if I ever do!
    • Maria Maria on Feb 09, 2024
      At the Dollar Three, a few months ago i found the best, best Eyebrow pencil with an attached brush, it comes in various shades of brown; Dark brown works well for me. Now every time i walk into that store i always grab a new pencil, i am afraid they will run out.For many years i was spending about $10.00 for products that were not perfect. Voila! thank you Dollar Tree