How to Do a Home Reset in 8 Simple Steps

by Simplify

Kallie Branciforte is a working mom, and she gets it. As much as you try to stick to a daily cleaning routine, sometimes the house gets out of control and needs a home reset.

Kallie explains, “when life gets busy, the house gets busy.” When this happens, it’s time to restore cleanliness, functionability, and workability.

The home reset checklist includes eight steps. The first three have the greatest impact. In fact, if there isn’t time to go through all the steps, just getting the first three under control will usually take care of 75% of the mess.

1. Go around the house and pick up all the trash. Then, empty all the trash cans.

2. Move the big items back where they belong. Families with young children understand that sometimes items tend to “migrate.” Put back the furniture, large cushions, packages, or any other items bigger than a child’s chair.

3. Clear all the flat surfaces, including countertops, tables, nightstands, dressers, and the floor.

Tip: Take a basket with you as you clean. Anytime you find an item that doesn’t have a place to go, drop it in the basket to deal with later.

4. Do the dishes. Don’t leave them drying on the countertop when you finish; put everything away, to leave the counters sparkling and clean. Take an extra 30 seconds to wipe the sink when you finish.

Putting away clean laundry

5. Do the laundry and put away any clean laundry.

6. Make your bed. If the sheets are dirty, wash them. Kallie suggests having a second set of sheets, so you can wash your sheets as needed, without having to worry if they will be ready by evening.

7. Clean flat surfaces. Before, you tidied the surfaces off; now, scrub them down and wash the floors.

8. Take care of the random basket. If you don’t take care of the basket you created in step 3, it can sit in the corner forever. Find a place for every item in your house.

How to do a home reset

Just these eight steps will get your house back together. It doesn’t take long to reset your home. What steps do you use to restore cleanliness? Let us know in the comments.

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