3 Simple & Practical Ways to Create a Clutter-Free Home

by Simplify

Want to have less stress and more time to focus on all of the things that are important to you?

Elin, a clinical psychologist and minimalist with her own Youtube channel, Slice of Light, says having a clutter-free home is your golden ticket to reaching this goal. She has 3 clutter-free home tips that are so practical, anyone can do them:

1. Flat surfaces

The first of Elin’s clutter-free home ideas is to focus on flat surfaces—or what she likes to call natural clutter zones. Things like countertops, desks, and tables are magnets for all the stuff you like to collect.

Elin says that keeping these areas clear creates a ripple effect for how your space feels when you’re at home.

2. Transition zones

The second tip Elin shares for how to clutter-free your home is to create a transition zone. This means that you have a designated space in your home that’s not visually apparent, which you use as a landing pad for things you don’t currently have a set space for yet.

As you figure out which items you want to keep and where you want to keep them, you simply grab them out of the transition zone and put them away.

Cluttered spaces in the home

3. Small, specific goals

Lastly, the third piece of advice Elin shares for how to have a clutter-free home is to create small, specific goals. She says we rarely sit down and set intentional goals, but we should. Setting doable goals makes us more likely to get those projects down so we start to feel better.

Ways to have a clutter-free home

Elin’s 3 tips for creating a clutter-free home almost sound too good to be true—but they’re not. It really can be as simple as focusing on the flat surfaces in your home, creating a transition zone, and setting small, specific goals that won’t overwhelm you.

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To see more videos, check out the Slice of Light YouTube channel.

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