10-Second Daily Habits for a Clean & Clutter-Free Home

by Simplify

Today, YouTuber Krist Yu brings her expertise in home organization and cleanliness to the forefront. She shares several practical habits that not only maintain a clean and organized home but also enhance the efficiency of your everyday routine.

1. Daily Produce Monitoring

View your fruits and vegetables as house plants and check your produce daily! This way, you can strategize your meals around what needs to be consumed, reducing waste and keeping your kitchen fresh.

2. Efficient Waste Disposal

Make food preparation tidier by having a dedicated bin for vegetable scraps. This habit saves you multiple trips to the trash bin, keeping your cooking environment clutter-free and hygienic.

A vegetable scraps bin makes food prep a lot more clutter-free!

3. Guard Against Kitchen Grease Stains

Employ a splatter screen while cooking to guard against grease splatters. This not only makes kitchen cleanup easier but also ensures personal safety, making it an essential clean cooking practice.

4. Immediate Paper Management

Prevent clutter by managing incoming paper immediately. Whether it's mail or shopping receipts, dealing with it as soon as it enters your home prevents the build-up of clutter, playing a key role in maintaining a tidy living space.

Don't let paper clutter slow you down and put folders and notebooks back after every time you open them.

5. Clean Hard-to-reach Nooks

Use sticky pulley wheels to easily move heavy appliances and clean behind them. This small effort can significantly improve your home's cleanliness, making it an effective home cleaning strategy.

6. Organize Reusable Plastic Bags

If you reuse plastic bags, keep them organized by folding them into compact triangles. This simple storage solution saves space and keeps your home tidy.

Don't let a bunch of plastic bags take over your space!

7. Manage Shower Hair

Collect and dispose of hair after every shower to prevent drain blockages. This simple hygiene habit can significantly improve the cleanliness of your bathroom.

8. Towel Management

Improve your bathroom's aesthetics by hanging your towels properly after use. This quick bathroom organization tip not only enhances the appearance of your bathroom but also ensures hygiene.

Don't forget to hang up your towels after each use to keep your bathroom fresh.

9. Maintain Cleanliness with a Sink-side Cleaning Cloth

Having a cleaning cloth by the sink helps maintain cleanliness. After washing your face or brushing your teeth, wipe any water splatters immediately, ensuring a clean and hygienic bathroom.

10. Effective Bottle Maintenance

After using hand soap, hand lotion, or face moisturizer, wipe off any residual product from the bottle. This simple cleaning habit keeps your hygiene products efficient and ready for use.

Conclusion: Easy Cleaning Habits for a Tidy Home

Yu believes that while these habits might require an initial effort to adopt, they become second nature over time. By offering these strategies, she aims to help you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying a tidy, well-organized home. Your path to effective home organization and cleanliness starts here!

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  • Lynn Lynn on Jun 20, 2023

    Thanks for your helpful hints. Wish I had known some of these when I started keeping house MANY years ago.