9 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

by Simplify

Home is where you can feel calm and safe. You don’t need to pretend to be anything other than yourself. You are what is in your space. Your stuff reflects you. When your space is cluttered and chaotic, you can feel stressed and overwhelmed. Refresh and renew your home with these nine ideas.

1. Declutter the space that you spend the most time in

Take a fresh and critical eye to your space. See if the decorative elements in the space are overwhelming or cluttering.

2. Decorate with a few high-impact items

One or two textural or high-impact items make a better impact on the space than many small decorative items.

3. Clean your furniture

Get your big pieces clean. It can totally refresh a space and make a huge difference.

4. Cut the lint and pills off of couches, rugs, chairs, and blankets

They will feel like new and look much better.

Refresh your home by hanging wall art

5. Show the walls some love

Don’t let your art sit in a closet. Hang it on the wall, and spruce up your space.

6. Do a deep clean

Move the furniture. Scrub out your oven. Start over with a clean slate.

7. Pretend you are having a party

This can give you the motivation to deep clean your high-traffic areas. Notice the clutter magnets and thoroughly clean and declutter these areas, like you would do if you were hosting.

8. Plump your cushions and pillows

It makes the space feel newer and more inviting.

9. Just fix that broken thing

Hire a handyman to fix the things in your house that are broken. Just get it done!

How to refresh your home

It may not be cost-effective to redecorate your home regularly, but these quick and easy ideas can renew and transform your home. What do you do to refresh your home? Let us know in the comments.

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