How to Get Rid of Surface Clutter in Just One Hour

by Simplify

Today we're going to be tackling surface clutter. One of the hardest things to declutter is the stuff that’s been lingering and loitering on flat surfaces. It’s all the little things you've been avoiding for whatever reason.

Maybe it needs to go down to the basement and you've been too lazy to go down there, or you need to take it to the post office, or it’s paperwork that needs to be filed. You put one thing down thinking it’s just a quick thing you can deal with later and suddenly there are piles of clutter.

When you continue to avoid surface clutter, it grows on itself and snowballs. What was a couple little things grows into piles, like they're having clutter babies. All this clutter impacts your mental health.

The clutter becomes a visual to-do list. It can lead to issues like poor sleep, anxiety, overeating, and all sorts of other avoidance techniques. It's impacting us whether we realize it or not.

Start dealing with the clutter room by room. Break things down into smaller steps so you don’t get overwhelmed. Categorize items by the action that needs to be taken to get rid of them.

Make a pile of things that can be thrown out, things that need to be put away, and papers that need to be filed, for a few examples.

How to get rid of surface clutter

How to get rid of surface clutter

In less than an hour, you can tackle your surface clutter and free your mind of stress. The key is to be intentional. Set yourself a time to take care of all those little tasks so that they don’t pile up.

Breaking things down into smaller steps and setting a time to deal with them will make it easier. Getting rid of clutter will alleviate the stress you might not have even realized you had.

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