How to Declutter Your Closet: Jeans, Pants & Other Bottoms

A Millennial Grandma
by A Millennial Grandma

Today I am going to declutter my closet, specifically my bottoms, including my jeans, pants, leggings, and pajama bottoms. If you are looking for advice on how to declutter your closet, I am happy to share my own tips for decluttering a wardrobe.

Decluttering a closet

I am going to start by taking all of my pants from the back of my closet and my pajama bottoms and leggings from the bottom of my dresser and placing them in the living room.


First, I am going to be going through my black denim. I own five pairs of jeans: two from Abercrombie, two from Levi’s, as well as one from the Denim Forum.

I will be getting rid of one pair from Levi's, as I find that lint and other types of fabric get attracted to it. I don't know if it is the type of fabric, but I have to constantly roll a lint roller into it, and it has become annoying, so I am going to be getting rid of that pair.

I will be keeping my other pairs of jeans because I really do like the fit of them.

Casual bottoms

Moving on to my more casual bottoms, I have an Allant pant from Aritzia that I have worn for quite a number of years. During this time, it has faded, and I have started to wear my other pants more often, so I will be donating this one.


I own one pair of shorts, which is from Wolford. It is in a size zero, and it is a little bit tight on me, but I am hoping to lose a few pounds, and then it will fit me well again. So I am going to be keeping this one, just because I don't want to have to buy a new one.

Colored jeans

As for my colored jeans, I have one from Levi's, which is Mile High Super Skinny Jeans. I like this one especially because it is the only blue pair of denim that I own, and it also fits really well.

I also own an Abercrombie white pair of skinny jeans, which I think I will keep as well. I have to say that I am a bit of a klutz, I tend to spill a lot of things, so we will see if these white jeans are going to work out or if it is going to turn into a high-maintenance thing.

Formal bottoms

In my formal bottoms, I have Aritzia Wilfred Tie-Front Pant, which I will be keeping. I wear it a lot at work, now that we are starting to go back into the office. I also own a similar pair from Uniqlo, except this one is longer, and I will also be keeping it.

On my next hanger, I have Jimmy pants. I have been wearing these a lot more recently. There are three more pants here: gray, navy, and black Conans. I will be keeping all of those because I find that I can wear them really easily at work, as well as just casually, with a tank top, for example.

Decluttering pajama bottoms

Pajama bottoms

So far, I have gotten rid of two pants, and I am now moving on to my pajama bottoms. I have a ton of pajamas, which I get every year for Christmas, and I wear them regularly, so I don't think I am going to get rid of a lot of them. I might just get rid of the ones that are a little bit faded.

I like the first pants because they are made of a thicker material, and they have horses on them, which reminds me of my grandpa because he used to take care of horses. They are starting to fade out a little bit, so I might just keep them for one more season.

I have one from Old Navy that I have not worn yet, and I think I'll have this as a backup, or I can just regift this.

Another one I like for the old-time feel, with the pictures of the horses and the carriages and snow. It is really warm, especially during the wintertime, which is when I wore it a lot. This one is starting to have pilling, especially on the butt area, because I do wear it all the time. I am going to use my mom's depiller to see if I can get rid of the fuzz, and if not, I will get rid of this one.

I really like J. Crew pajamas. My sisters-in-law are a lot taller than me, so on Christmas, my mother-in-law (or the pajama fairy) always gives us pajamas from J. Crew, because it fits all types of heights. I am 5 feet tall, so I am really appreciative of that.

I also have a lot of pajamas from Old Navy, and they are a bit scratchier compared to the softness and comfort of the J. Crew fabric. I have decided to get rid of just one pair of black flannel pajamas for now.

Other bottoms

Now on to my other bottoms, which are my sweatpants, leggings, and sports shorts. Most of my leggings are from Lululemon, and I am keeping them. I have decided to get rid of one pair of running shorts since I wear the other ones more.

As for sweatpants, I own quite a few, and I will be getting rid of one pair that looks a bit worn out, and one more pair of joggings from Uniqlo is going as well since it is a bit too formal-looking for my taste.

Decluttering my closet: pants

I hope that this can be helpful for someone who is just now discovering the benefits of decluttering your closet.

Do you get rid of the pants you don’t wear, or do they keep gathering dust in your drawers? How do you know when it’s time to let a clothing item go? Let me know in the comments!

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