How to Shop Your Own Closet to Recreate Designer Outfits

Ana Goldberg
by Ana Goldberg

I got my hair cut this week. I’m finally feeling more like myself with these bangs and geometric lines and now that I’ve tasted sweet changes, I’m tempted to add a dash of newness to my minimalist wardrobe as well.

I do have a few new pieces, almost all of them are handmade by me, which means I’ve spent a fraction of the money on materials just to be frugal. As I get inspired by other people on the street and on the internet, I decided to be playful and inventive, while keeping a minimalist wardrobe.

Today, I will share with you how I recreated four designer spring outfits for 2023 by shopping in my own closet and using things I already have. I hope you enjoy the fashion show and that this inspires you to shop your own closet.

PLÜMO outfit

Look 1 by PLÜMO

The first inspiration is by PLÜMO, a London-based sustainable fashion brand. I love the effortless geometry of this shirt, combined with long pants, and a type of shoe that I’m a fan of – unisex, heavy, amazing.

The look is pretty minimalist, but with a curious attitude that I want to recreate. This brand has a lot of beautiful items on its website. It’s on the pricier side for sure. 

So, here I am. After shopping my own closet, I’m wearing my linen checkered shirt that I bought two years ago, secondhand. For the scarf element, I’m using a me-made, hand-dyed, cotton scarf. 

No long pants in my wardrobe, so I’m going with my true friends – cropped black pants – and the only pair of shoes that I have for colder seasons, sneakers that I’ve been wearing every day since last September. 

I think my whole look costs less than one PLÜMO blouse.

Lauren Manoogian outfit

Look 2 by Lauren Manoogian

The second inspiration is by Lauren Manoogian, a Brooklyn-based designer. It’s layered, quirky, and fun.

I love the layered, chic coziness of the monochrome and different textures. It’s so soft and soothing. It’s impossible to recreate for me when shopping my own closet, but I’ll try. Here’s what I’ve picked for the look. 

My favorite beige blouse that I bought secondhand, a crocheted vest, a me-made item, and a crocheted cardigan, again, me-made. I initially made it for Brian, but it turned out too gigantic, so I’m wearing it as a super oversized fashion item. 

Then, I have secondhand jeans that I've owned for about three years already, me-made socks, and Birkenstocks.

Margaret Howell outfit

Look 3 by Margaret Howell

The third outfit is inspired by Margaret Howell, a British clothing designer. Here, I love the color combo, which, unfortunately, I won’t be able to recreate. 

I love the genderless style, so Margaret Howell’s creations speak to me a lot. I enjoy the clean lines with a dash of retro vibes and playfulness. The color palette is always impeccable.

I'm wearing the same black pants and the tee that were initially Brian's. I have a burnt orange shirt, navy socks, and Birkenstocks. 

I replaced muted dusty colors with striking black and orange, but I hope I managed to preserve the vibe. What do you think?

Toast outfit

Look 4 by Toast

The fourth inspiration is from Toast. One of the most appealing brands for me. British again — I promise it’s not on purpose. 

I just love the aesthetics. It’s calm, yet eye-catching. Soothing, yet stimulating. The palettes are so beautiful, although most of the colors are impossible for me to wear because of my skin tone. 

This exact look that I picked combines the flow of wide-legged pants and the coziness of knitwear. 

No surprise that I chose these garments from my tiny wardrobe. It’s a me-made crocheted vest with an African flower motif and wide-legged linen pants. Instead of Birkenstocks, I went for my beaten sneakers to add something more daring maybe. 

Anyways, the looks don’t have to completely be recreated. You can always improvise.

Shop your own closet

Shopping my own closet to find spring outfits for 2023 was so much fun, although the modeling and holding poses were kind of challenging. I encourage you to try and recreate some inspirational, cool looks using what you already have.

Shopping your own closet not only saves you money but also boosts creativity and self-confidence. If you can use your clothing in many other ways that you haven’t even imagined before, it’s something worth celebrating. It’s not about narcissism or vanity. It’s just the natural desire to match the inside with the outside.

Let me know in the comments whether you are going to have some fun this spring shopping your own closet.

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