10 Easy & Affordable Home Updates For Renters & Homeowners

by Simplify

Making home updates is supposed to be a fun experience for the entire family, but sometimes worrying about what to do and how much to spend can lead to a whole lot more stress for all of you than the project is actually worth.

To solve this ever-present problem, Sharrah Stevens is revealing 10 easy and affordable strategies for the perfect home update this year.

Affordable and easy home updates come second nature to Sharrah who suggests getting started by adding new window treatments throughout your home. Sharrah says that curtains work their magic because they add comfort, softness, and an upscale vibe to each and every room they’re in. Just be sure not to cover the windows themselves as curtains belong on the wall.

Second, she suggests swapping out your light fixtures stat. Cheap light fixtures make the room look bland. And simple home updates on a budget can easily be accomplished by finding higher-end yet affordable light fixtures at places like Target, Amazon, Wayfair, and Etsy.

Other to-do list items that Sharrah mentions for how to update your home on a budget include adding area rugs, steam cleaning the nooks and crannies in both your kitchens and baths and updating your entryway. Each of these home update projects is pretty simple but they make a big impact on both you and your guests.

Painting a chair to update a home

Lastly, DIY home updates on a budget should always include having a cohesive color palette throughout your home. From furniture to rugs and pillows to throws, complementary colors are the key to any successful home update project.

While you don’t want every color and texture to be the same, you want to select a few of them that travel from room to room telling a story. Unless, of course, you want an eclectic look then carry on.

Home updates

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To see more videos, check out the Sharrah Stevens YouTube channel.

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