8 Tips for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

by LockdownLoo

The bathroom in any home is one of those rooms that just adds value to a property. So it goes without saying that something freshly remodeled or looking modern is going to bring in the big payday. However, remodeling and decorating your home, no matter what room it is, has its fair share of stress and worry. Not to mention how long these things can take when doing them yourself and the costs involved.

There is no denying that a bathroom is a costly renovation to undertake, and much like a kitchen, it is one of the two rooms that can add huge value if you look to sell in the future. As well as be lovely to use and enjoy yourself. But, any renovation can be stressful and brings with it not only its excitement but its fair share of issues. The cost being one of the biggest factors. So I wanted to share with you some of the best ways to renovate your bathroom that won’t cost you a fortune.

Bright bathroom with brick floor and wood panel wall.

Seek out lots of inspiration before you even start

One of the first things that you need to think about would be to seek out a lot of inspiration. You may know that you want to renovate the bathroom, but exactly what you want to do might not be fixed in your mind just yet. This can often be a tricky thing, so you want to start by looking online at different websites. Pinterest and Instagram are great for visual inspiration, as so many people tend to share their transformations and renovation projects online these days. Another tip would be to head to a few different showrooms and house shops.

Again the way that a store will set up a showroom, will be able to give you ideas on ideal layouts and also the types of fixtures and fittings that you may like. Before you do anything, you need to know what it is you want to do as this can help you to determine your budget, the length of the project, and also what you want the finished room to look like.

Plan your budget before work commences

It’s important to plan your budget before you take on any work. This ensures you know exactly what you have to spend and provides you with a foundation for a plan to move forward with the project. A budget isn’t supposed to be a negative topic of conversation; it enables you to stick within affordable parameters to get the job done.

Have a contingency fund in place

It’s essential to not only know your budget but to also have a contingency fund in place. This is for those unforeseen emergencies that are likely to crop up when you least expect them to. It means you don’t eat into your budget and you have the funds ready to correct the problem. This can be one of the biggest stresses of any project, so keep things simple and have emergency funds ready for when disaster strikes.

Sometimes it is the simple features that make the difference

Often we forget that a bathroom is far more than a bath and shower, toilet, and sink. It can often be made stunning and beautiful with some of the simple features that you add. So while it may seem a little boring and mundane, do take the time to consider your choices for things like coverings for switches, plugs, and also faucets. The faucets themselves can be made into huge features and can bring together the overall style and look you are wanting to create. Many people will joke about taking time to look at taps and door handles, but they can transform a bathroom and it is such a simple feature. If you don’t plan on changing the whole bathroom, changing these simple features could add the wow factor for a fraction of the costs.

Stick with something neutral that stands the test of time

Sometimes we can think that a particular color is great, or choose something a little out of the ordinary and assume it is modern and funky. But will your design choices stand the test of time? The last thing anyone wants to do is redo a job that should last a few years, just because you made an error in judgment. Stick with neutral colors and a white bathroom. Ensuring your bathroom stands the test of time.

Brick in process of being installed on bathroom floor.

A change in flooring or light fixture could be all you need

Another thing to consider would be the flooring. If you have a standard bathroom anyway, a change in flooring such as new tiles could really reinvent the whole bathroom space. Another key factor to consider is light. The more light you can bring to a bathroom space, the larger and more luxurious it will feel. Changing the light fitting could be an easy way to jazz up your bathroom for a low cost.

Mirror ripped off of wall with wallpaper underneath exposed.

Add color through accessories

You may be avoiding color when it comes to the main aspects of the bathroom, but that doesn’t mean the styling needs to remain neutral. Adding color can be easily done through your finishing touches.

Brightly colored towels, lovely little trinkets that you put on display, and some of the functional items that are needed like mirrors, toothbrush holders, and cups. This can often be the fun factor in your bathroom, and as you change your mind, you can very easily change the accessories. This is why a neutral bathroom can be the perfect investment.

Project manage the renovation or take on some of the work yourself

If you want to save on costs then a great way is to project manage the renovation yourself or even, if you feel confident to do so, do some of the work. Plumbing isn’t for everyone, and there will be some jobs that you will require specialist tradespeople to complete, especially if you are having a new shower, bath, sink or toilet. But, other things like decorating and flooring you may feel able to do yourself and this means you are saving on those expensive labor costs.

I hope these tips and suggestions help you to renovate your bathroom without it costing you a fortune.

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  • Carol Carol on Oct 22, 2022

    Great ideas! I am in the process of a bath remodel for disabilities and these are simple things to save money and space. Thanks for sharing. The ideas have lead me in a whole new direction.