15 Awesome Storage Solutions for Your Bathroom

Donna @ An Organized Season
by Donna @ An Organized Season

Is your bathroom a disorganized mess? Help is on the way! I have 15 awesome storage solutions to help you get the clutter in your bathroom under control!

Hello friends! Guess what??

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This is the last week of our Summer Home Organization and Improvement Challenge!

We are finishing the season strong by organizing the bathroom!

We use a lot of toiletry items and products in the bathroom and I have 15 storage solutions to help you stay organized!

15 bathroom Storage Solutions
1) use the vertical space above the toilet
Two shelves in a water closet providing storage solutions in the bathroom.

Use the vertical space above the toilet to store items you need in your bathroom.

You can purchase an over-the-toilet cabinet, hutch, or shelves.

Install a slim wall cabinet.

Or add floating shelves, like we did!

2) Use Divided bins Inside Drawers
Interlocking bins in a bathroom drawer provide storage solutions in the bathroom.

These inter-locking bins are perfect for a small drawer.

Divided bins are the key to organizing items in a bathroom drawer.

Divided bins provide bathroom storage in this drawer.

In this large drawer I’m using three divided bins.

They don’t match but they fit and do a wonderful job of keeping small items separated from each other.

3) use decorative boxes for storage
Decorative boxes provide storage on bathroom shelves.

Boxes are perfect for hiding personal hygiene items in a bathroom.

Not only are they functional, but they look like pretty decor items!

4) maximize vertical space inside a cabinet
Clear acrylic storage organizers hold make-up in the bathroom.

Acrylic bins and drawers are the perfect size to organize skin care and make-up items!

They can be stacked to maximize vertical space inside the cabinet.

If you have to store your make-up on the counter top, these work great and look nice too!

Clear stackable plastic bins provide storage for mani/pedi supplies in the bathroom.

Organize all of your manicure and pedicure supplies in bins that stack. When I need a polish change or full mani/pedi I can easily reach one or both bins!

5) use decorative canisters on a countertop
Clear canisters and a mirror on a tray on bathroom counter.

Want a great way to make your countertop look beautiful and functional at the same time?

Use decorative canisters to store items like cotton pads, cotton swabs, or extra soap.

6) store items on the back of the toilet
Black bin storing toilet paper on the back of a toilet.

Put a container on the back of the toilet to store bathroom items.

You can store toilet paper, towels or toiletry items in this space!

White basket storing toiletries.

I use a pretty basket to store travel size toiletries for visitors in our organized guest bathroom!

7) Get an organizer to store hair appliances
Hair appliances & brushes in a metal storage organizer.

This is one of my favorite storage solutions for the bathroom!

It hangs on the back of the cabinet door and holds my hair appliances and brushes I use everyday!

Such a great use of space that is typically wasted!

8) use apothecary jars to store bath supplies
Bath products stored in apothecary jars.

This is one of my favorite ways to store bath supplies!

Use apothecary jars to store bath salts, bath bombs, or bath sponges out in the open.

It’s a fabulous way to decorate your bathtub!

9) add pull-out drawers inside the cabinet
Pull out drawers storing products in a bathroom cabinet.

Do you have products that get pushed to the back of the cabinet and forgotten about?

Solve the problem by adding pull out shelves to your cabinet!

This gives easy access to the items you need to store in the back!

10) Use fabric storage cubes in a bathroom closet
Fabric cubes storing items in an organized bathroom closet.

For a budget friendly way to store items in a bathroom closet, use fabric storage cubes.

11) Incorporate a basket with wheels
Beach towels stored in a basket with wheels in the bathroom closet.

I love this handy basket on wheels to store items on the floor of a closet!

All I have to do is pull the basket out and I can easily vacuum the floor, then push it back in!

12) Store Toilet paper in an open basket
Toilet paper inside a metal basket.

Store your back stock of toilet paper in a place where people can see it.

Since I store mine in the closet, I’m using an open basket so it’s easy to spot!

13) neatly Fold towels to fit your space
White towels folded neatly in a closet.

Folding your towels neatly can make a huge difference in how organized your bathroom looks.

If you don’t like to fold, consider rolling your towels instead!

14) Add storage inside the shower
Black metal shower shelf in a walk in shower.

If you do not have any built-in cubbies in your shower, add a product caddy!

We purchased these shelves to sit on the floor of our shower.

No room for that, purchase one that hangs on the shower head.

15) Use multiple hooks to hang towels

For extra storage, hang multiple hooks in your bathroom to hold hand towels, jewelry, bath sponges, etc.

It’s not only functional but beautiful too!

Stay tuned to see how we made these unique towel hooks!

Add an over-the-door towel rack to hang multiple towels at one time or use it to hang your robes.

I hope this post has helped you solve the storage problems you are having in your bathroom!

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Blessings, Donna and Rich

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**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. We appreciate your support. (disclosure policy)

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