2 DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects Made With Thrifted Items

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by Leanne's Life

I have pulled a few items from my local thrift store to make DIY farmhouse decor. After I did the Five Dollar Goodwill Challenge video last week, I seem to have caught a thrifting bug. I went thrift shopping and came home with various items that came together to create two cute farmhouse decor pieces.

How to make DIY farmhouse decor

Decorative planter

I started with a gold metal tin, white paint, a foam block, green moss, and artificial ferns. 

So I'm going to start by painting the gold metal tin with some Waverley white paint in the matte finish. I believe I put about three coats on the tin.  

Next, I'm putting these floral foams at the bottom of this. I got that at Walmart, I believe. I had this green moss from the Dollar Tree. 

Placing the ferns

I had some extra ferns from a DIY video that I did, and I also have some extra greenery that I'm just going to place in this tin. 

Decorative farmhouse planter

So here's the finished product; I placed it on my window sill in my laundry room. 

Bird's nest centerpiece 

For the second farmhouse decor project, I bought these two pieces, one was a tea plate, and the other was a candle holder. 

Painting the pieces pink

I'm just painting it the color Pink Ballet Slipper, by Waverley. I believe I put two coats of paint on those. 

Next, I'm using a few craft Easter eggs from Walmart, and I'm painting them a robin's egg blue.  

Making a bird's nest out of rope

To create the bird's nest, I am going to use this nautical rope from Dollar Tree, and I am going to hot glue it and wind it around to make a bird's nest out of it. 

Be very careful. I burnt my fingers multiple times by doing this.  

You just keep pushing and wrapping it around, making it come up the sides just like a little nest.  

I used the whole rope.  

Now I'm putting the second coat of the pink paint onto the saucer cup and the candlestick to get a deeper color.


As the pieces dry, I'll work on the bird's nest. I'm going to use some more of this green moss from Dollar Tree to make a little bed. Then I'm going to put some E 6000 glue around the rim of this candlestick so it stays in place. I'm also going to put some hot glue on because that dries faster. 

Once everything is dry, you line up the tray on top, and you can use it as a trinket tray just as is. I made it into a little bird's nest for Easter to hold the rope bird's nest.  

DIY farmhouse decor

So there is the finished product on my dining room table. 

DIY farmhouse decor

These were both easy, affordable farmhouse decor pieces. Have you created any diy farmhouse decor from thrift store items? Share your projects in the comments below. 

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