11 Simple Ideas For a Patio Makeover on a Budget

I did a fabulous patio makeover on a budget. With summer around the corner, it was time for me to freshen up my outdoor space. I love a good DIY. It’s a great way to get creative while saving money. Here are some ideas for you to use to spruce up your outdoor space.

Refreshing what you already have

1. Refresh what you already have

Creating a welcoming outdoor space is not much different from creating a welcoming indoor space. Just like indoors, you’ll want to start with a bit of cleaning. I started by sweeping up the patio. Then I power-washed the patio, furniture, and walls.

Touching up chairs with spray paint

The metal parts of the patio chairs were getting rusty. I decided to touch them up with black spray paint with rust protection. This was a quick and affordable way to restore my chairs with new life.

Adding textiles

2. Add textiles

If you want your patio to be cozy, add some textiles. A large area rug will have the biggest impact. Chose a rug made of synthetic material for durability.

Washing pillows and cushions

To wash pillows and cushions use half a cup of borax and a big squirt of dishwashing soap. Add water and use a scrub brush to scrub those pillows clean. Hose them down afterward to get off the soap and leave them in the sun to dry.

Use neutral color schemes to decorate your patio. This way you can easily replace old pillows or cushions and keep everything looking cohesive. I replace my patio pillows once every couple of years.

DIY outdoor pillows

It’s also easy to make your own outdoor pillows. I bought one yard of outdoor-friendly fabric and was able to easily sew and stuff two new pillows.

Sunny and shady areas

3. Create sunny and shady areas

I would love to have a gazebo eventually but for the time being I will have to make do with a patio umbrella. I was getting tired of my old umbrella, but I didn’t want to spend money on a brand-new one.

Gluing trim along the edge

Instead, I bought some trim and a glue gun. I glued the trim along the outer edge of the umbrella and it feels like a whole new piece.

Adding plants to the patio area

4. Add plants

Since we’re using neutral colors for our patio décor, I like to bring in color by adding plants. Get creative with your planters. I bought an old chandelier and decided to take it apart and repurpose it as a planter.

I spray-painted it with rust protection paint and created a place to attach a hanging plant from the top on the inside of the chandelier. I popped a nice big fern in there and I am very pleased with the end result.

Solar light from Dollar Tree

5. Incorporate lights

String lights look great on a patio, but I decided to do a different kind of lighting project this year. I used a solar light from Dollar Tree to make this project. I cut the tubing from the light in half and attached another solar light so that it lights at both ends.

Adding lights to the patio area

Then I took two empty baskets and attached them facing together. I decorated the wire with black nylon rope. I placed the two-ended light in the structure I had created with the basket and then I hung it next to a sturdy plant with a pole and a shepherd’s hook.

Creating storage

6. Create attractive storage

I bought a wicker basket at a thrift store. I sprayed it with a coat of polyurethane to protect it from the weather. It makes a beautiful place for storing firewood.

DIY storage

Turning coffee table into a cooler

I also got an old coffee table and a cooler from Goodwill. I cut a hole in the table to insert the cooler, incorporating it into the table. I spray-painted everything. It’s an attractive and convenient place to keep cold beverages.

Decorating bare walls

7. Decorate bare walls

I don’t like bare walls, so I decided to repurpose a piece of metal wall décor that I had in my basement. I spray-pained it with rust-protective spray paint. The piece is made up of big metal leaves. I wanted to bring a little more of a natural feel to it so I bought a large piece of sheet moss.

Tracing leaves

I traced the leaves out with a marker and cut them out. Then I hot glued them to the metal. I gave the moss a nice coat of outdoor polyurethane to keep everything protected.

DIY decorative thermometer

I also made a beautiful decorative thermometer. I took a piece of scrap wood and spray-painted it. Then I attached a thrifted piece of metal wall art over the thermometer on the wood.

DIY citronella candle

8. Prepare for bugs

Make your own citronella candle. Melt down some old candles in your oven and reuse one of the wicks. When the candles are completely melted add several drops of citronella oil. Pour the melted wax into a container of your choice. Keep the wick propped up until the wax solidifies.

Turning a chandelier into a wind chime

9. Appeal to the sense of sound

To add a sense of tranquility to your patio space you might want to consider adding a wind chime or water feature. I decided to turn a chandelier into a wind chime.

DIY water feature

I also made a water feature out of an old umbrella stand, a water pump, and some stones.

Growing herbs in old paint cans

10. Grow some food

Vegetables and herbs can be a nice addition to a patio. I made planters out of old paint cans and used them for herbs. I put them together in an old wooden tote and wrapped some twine around each can.

Patio makeover on a budget

11. Add a touch of whimsy

Just like indoors, I think every outdoor space should have a touch of whimsy. I purchased a broken-down baby buggy at a thrift store. I spray-painted it. Then I added some geraniums, and it looks adorable.

Patio makeover on a budget

I am so pleased with the way all my patio projects came together this year. I’ve managed to create a comfortable, relaxing ambiance to enjoy my outdoor time.

Did you try to recreate any of these DIYs for your patio? Leave me a comment and let me know. 

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