7 Easy Thrift Store Upcycles to Make Cute DIY Home Decor

by Simplify

Deidre from Our Upcycled Life on YouTube loves giving a new life to thrifted things. Today she is upcycling a couple of thrifted items, creating charming thrift home decor. If you have been looking for thrift store upcycle inspiration, do not miss out on these.

First, Deidre tinted a glass jar in amber color, creating a nice antique look. To do this, she used a mixture of Mod Podge and water, and brown food coloring and spread that on the inside of the jar.

Once she baked it in the oven and let it dry, the color got less bright and more translucent. She then used Mod Podge to stick a graphic printed on coffee-stained paper to the jar, and the result is a vintage-looking jar to put flowers or greens in.

Deidre also found a beautiful white picture frame and turned it into an antique-looking mirror. She painted the frame itself with black, gold, and white paint, and used three layers of Mirror Effect spray and vinegar and water mixture on the glass inside the frame.

Upcycling ideas

Another project of Deidre’s was based on a cutting board and a small wooden box. She stuck the box to the board, painted it all black, covered the paint with hairspray, and added a layer of white paint.

The hairspray created cracks in the paint, so the board came out looking really rustic and vintage. She then stuck a graphic to the box, hung the entire thing on the wall, and put in some flowers to create an amazing piece of thrift store home decor.

Thrift store upcycles

These are just a few awesome thrift store upcycle ideas from Our Upcycled Life. Which one did you like most? What other projects would you like to do with the same items? Make sure to leave a comment!

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To see more videos, check out the Our Upcycled Life YouTube channel.

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