6 Genius Hacks You Can Do With Dollar Tree Broomsticks

by Simplify

The Dollar Tree broomstick can be much more than just a simple cleaning tool. With a hint of creativity, Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee reveals innovative ways to repurpose this everyday item.

1. Versatile Cleaning Tool

The Dollar Tree broomstick comes with a hook on one side and a screw side on the other. The cleaning department offers a range of attachments that easily fit the screw side, making it a versatile cleaning tool. It can be paired with a utility broom head to effectively scrub shower tiles, a microfiber cloth or a duster to reach high vaulted ceilings and walls.

2. Ingenious Bag Carrier

The broomstick can also double as an efficient bag carrier. Load all your shopping bags onto the broomstick and carry it over your shoulder. This proves particularly helpful for parents struggling to manage multiple bags and children at the same time.


3. Outdoor Drying Rack

Two over-the-door hangers from Dollar Tree can convert the broomstick into a makeshift outdoor drying rack. This set up works well in backyards, drying wet clothing or toys with ease.

4. Indoor Storage Solution

When used vertically inside, the broomstick becomes a handy storage solution. Attach it to a wall and hang cleaning supplies, toys, or even craft materials. Using wire baskets from Dollar Tree, you can transform it into a fruit basket or a mini herb garden.

5. Affordable Curtain Rod

The broomstick also serves as a budget-friendly curtain rod. Attach two command mop holder clips on either side of the window and slide in the broomstick. With a little alteration, it can easily fit wider windows.

6. DIY Lamp Post

Lastly, Kallie suggests a creative DIY lamp post idea. Insert the broomstick into a Dollar Tree pool noodle, spray paint it, and hot glue a solar light on top. This DIY lamp post can illuminate dark corners of your yard.


The Dollar Tree broomstick is a versatile and cost-effective tool for various home hacks, as demonstrated by Kallie. The next time you visit the Dollar Tree, consider grabbing a broomstick and let your creativity run wild.

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  • Linda Linda on Jul 26, 2023

    these dollar tree hacks are great. I have used quite a few. keep them coming

  • Maria Elena Salinas Maria Elena Salinas on Jul 27, 2023

    The stores in West Kendall, Miami, Fl have run out of them and don’t know when they’ll get them back! I really need a couple for different projects. Thank you for more ideas.