The 6 Different Organizing Styles: Which One Are You?

Struggling to organize your spaces? Finding out your personal organization style will help you make your spaces make sense – for you. There are six organizing styles, and each person has a dominant style, or it can be a combination of a few.

Today I am going to explain the organization styles and how to organize your linen closet depending on what your style is.

As I explain the different organization styles, I will be talking about your natural habits, where you get into trouble, and what works for you in regard to setting up organized systems.

The Piler organization style

1. The Piler

As a visual person, you tend to leave things out as visual reminders so you can easily grab them to use again. You like things in a certain order, and you may have the perfect system in your head.

However, once you leave too many things out so they are easy to find, they become difficult to find, until you cannot find anything anymore. You could benefit from removing your closet’s doors and clearly labeling piles – perhaps even color-coding them.

The Stasher organization style

2. The Stasher

You like your surfaces clear as it helps you clear your mind, which leads you to stash things away. When you do that in haste without an organized system, you lose items in your closets and drawers.

From the outside, your space looks organized, but your storage spaces are dreadful.

You would benefit from creating zones to keep items in or close to where you use them. Your ideal containers are labeled and have dividers so that the items you stash end up where they belong.

You do not have to have your items perfectly aligned. For items that you may only need to access occasionally, you will want to use opaque bins with large print labels.

The Collector organization style

3. The Collector

You have many passions and like to work on several projects at once. You have hobbies that require a lot of supplies. You may keep things you do not use for various reasons. Your problem is that you keep getting more stuff without getting rid of anything.

In your ideal linen closet, small boxes and or dividers within your bins will contain all the little parts for your supplies. Bins that stack well work well for you because they maximize space to hold all of your supplies.

Be sure to label everything so that you can easily find what you need.

The Tosser organization style

4. The Tosser

You love sticking to your essentials and do not care for clutter. You rarely purchase new items as well unless you find that there is an absolute need.

You easily throw things away, even new items. You might have a problem with throwing other people's items away or even your own sentimental items.

If you live with others, dividing between different people’s bins will be very helpful for you in the linen closet. If your linen closet is centralized in your home, you can use bins or baskets labeled per person to toss their items into if you come across them in the house.

You will also want to take the time to understand what items are important or sentimental to your household so that you are extra mindful not to accidentally throw their items away.

The Tidier organization style

5. The Tidier

Like the Piler, you are a visual person. You like things looking tidy and aligned, so even if there is no system, at least your space looks organized.

“Out of sight, out of mind” may be right for you, so you leave things out to not forget that they are there. Your weak spot is not categorizing your items.

For you, the key is getting rid of the irrelevant things, afterwards, you will not have a problem keeping the space organized. More decorative baskets will make you want to put your items away in the labeled areas, and removing doors will help with your fear of “out of sight, out of mind".

As you come to understand the organizing process, that fear will slowly disappear, and you will be able to keep your spaces organized whether they are open or closed.

The Defyer organization style

6. The Defyer

You tend to look disorganized, but feel that you know what you have and can find things when you need them. When you experience stresses like ridicule for looking disorganized, that is when you get into trouble.

You do not see your spaces as having a problem but gets to a point where you really cannot find your items anymore. Your best bet is to be resourceful. You can repurpose any containers you lost to lid on to store different categories of items and label them with a marker.

Hooks on the back of your linen closet doors will be of great help for your towels. Over time, as you reap the benefits of getting organized, you may find that you have one of the previous dominating organizing styles and refine your organized systems further. 

The 6 different organizing styles

I hope this snippet of the organizing styles and how to organize your linen closet has been helpful for you in beginning to understand your organizing style.

Keep in mind that you can have a combination of organization styles and you can have different organizing styles for different areas in your home. Knowing what your style is can help you maximize your natural tendencies and finally get organized a way that works for you.

What is your organizing style? Share in the comments below.

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