Top 3 Pantry Organization Hacks For Food Storage, Fridge & Spices

Jaime Bacon
by Jaime Bacon

Being organized is not my strong suit. I’ll admit when I get home from grocery shopping, I’ll throw things in the fridge and pantry and forget about them. Then a few months later I’ll find things that were hidden. So I’ve found small ways to optimize my organization and keep my kitchen and pantry organized.

I’ll share with you my top three hacks when it comes to fridge and pantry organization ideas. I’m going to talk about three things: food storage containers for the pantry, using baskets for your spices, and how to organize your fridge. Let’s start!

Pantry organization ideas

1. Food storage containers

I buy some foods in bulk, like dried rice, dried beans, and quinoa, and they usually come in bags. A clothespin on the bag doesn’t work. The bag will open and spill out.

I found some great storage containers on Amazon. I don’t use them for my fridge, only for my pantry. They’ve saved my life. I use these airtight containers for rice, beans, and even cereal, flour, sugars, and coffee. They keep food fresh and bug-free. Many containers are stackable, as well.

Food storage container labels

Food storage container labels

A lot of these containers come with labels. The ones I have came with chalkboard-type labels and markers. 

Baskets for spices

2. Baskets for spices

My cabinets are very deep. Trying to dig through containers of spices can be difficult. I end up reaching far back and knocking things over. I went to Dollar Tree and found three baskets. I put my spices into three different categories.

How to organize a pantry

Everyday spice basket

The first basket holds spices I use every day like onion powder, garlic salt, chili powder, and cinnamon. I can just pull the basket out and easily find what I need. The second basket holds spices I don’t use much. 

Pantry organizing ideas

Baking spices basket

The last basket holds everything I need for baking, such as nutmeg, extra cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and ginger.

How to organize a fridge

3. Fridge organization

Bottom section

I’m not perfect, but I found a system that works well. There are four sections of my fridge. At the bottom, I use the bottom area for my meal prep vegetables like lettuce, and chopped tomatoes. I will also put breakfast items and snacks on the bottom, too.  

Organizing sections of a fridge

Middle sections

One section up, I will put all the dinner leftovers in containers in this area. We will eat that for lunch the next day. Typically I’ll put mine on one side and John’s on the other side so we know what we have to choose from. 

Organizing a fridge

Top shelf/section

I’ll put miscellaneous items on the top shelf, like extra eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt containers, and other large containers. I also put milk, creamer, pitchers, and other tall drinks in that section.

Fridge organization ideas

Bottom drawers/crispers

I’ll put all of my fruits in the top drawer, plus bags of spinach, lettuce, and other vegetables in the bottom crisper drawer. I also put cheese there if it doesn’t fit elsewhere. 

Pantry organization hacks

These three simple hacks have saved me time and effort in finding what I need when I need it. I hope I was able to give you a couple of ideas for how to organize your pantry and kitchen.

Please let me know your pantry organizing ideas and hacks. Or, if you have any organizational problems, share them in the comments below so we can all learn together.  

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  • Dianne mcmillan Dianne mcmillan on Sep 12, 2022

    I have been using Containers with tight fitting lids on them for years. I also leave my brown sugar in the bag it comes in then Put it in a container. It stays fresh longer. I have never had a bag get hard. Also I use masking tape and black marker to label contents

  • Gloria Jaquays Card Gloria Jaquays Card on Sep 12, 2022

    Used a place mat to cover my cheat sheet for spices and herbs, again, grouped as everyday or baking and put in numbered boxes according to the cheat sheet. Then I put them in inexpensive boxes from Hobby Lobby. Boom. One would never know, it’s quite attractive.