10 Affordable & Useful Household Products You Didn't Know You Needed

by Simplify

When it comes to household essentials, there are plenty of products on the market claiming to meet your needs. So, sometimes, it can be challenging to know which items will work in your home and which items won’t.

Fortunately, Kristen McGowan has you covered. Today, she’s sharing 10 useful household products that she recently discovered and highly recommends.

According to Kristen, these affordable household products are all things you didn’t know you needed but you certainly do.

Kristen loves plastic dispensers for a variety of purposes throughout her home, but her favorite use for them is storing and organizing household cleaning products in them—like scent boosters in the laundry room.

If you’re a pet owner, Kristen insists that a carpet rake should be your next purchase. She uses her to pick up fur that gets stuck in the corners of her carpeted stairs.

And if you’re lacking storage space in the shower, Kristen suggests buying suction cups to hang items up so they can drip dry and stay organized. You can use suction cups on the shower walls and on mirrors.

Next up, Kristen swears by her favorite jar opener. She had hers installed under a cabinet, and it helps open jars of all sizes without hurting your wrist. While you’re shopping for these items and the others on her list, don’t forget to use Rakuten to earn cash back for your online purchases.

Opening a jar

Wondering which cleaning products Kristen says are must-haves? The best household cleaning products according to Kristen are Folex carpet spot remover and The Pink Stuff. Both of these useful household products remove stains and make your surfaces look new again.

Affordable & useful household products

A few other useful household products Kristen says you must buy now include silicone food savers, electric lighters, duvet donuts, and a quick dry bath mat to name a few.

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