10 Ugly-But-Practical Sustainability & Zero-Waste Hacks

by Simplify

Gittemary Johansen is a sustainability expert who loves to share her favorite zero-waste hacks. She says that far too often, zero waste habits shared online are curated to show off a certain zero waste aesthetic, so today she’s sharing her top 10 ugly sustainable habits instead.

Watch her video below:

First, Gittemary keeps a bag of free but ugly restaurant napkins in a kitchen drawer as part of her zero waste practices at home. Not only can you use it for wiping your face and hands, but you can also use them as fill in compost.

The second sustainable practice Gittemary has implemented is to save and reuse single-use chopsticks. Besides eating with them, you can use them as support for house plants.

The third of her zero waste hacks is using mismatched glass jars for food storage. Similarly, Gittemary also uses mismatched tableware that she acquired from a variety of different places.

Fifth, Gittemary takes advantage of single-use packaging. She says that it’s difficult to go completely plastic-free even when you’ve put other sustainability hacks into place, so you might as well reuse plastic for cold solid food storage and bulk shopping.

Reusing packaging may not be pretty, but it is more sustainable

Next, Gittemary keeps all of the cardboard boxes she receives until she can use them again for future shipments. She even writes where each piece of cardboard has traveled on the inside of the box.

The seventh of Gittemary’s ugly zero waste hacks is to reuse old cardboard as post-it notes or a bookmark.

Gittemary also says that you should finish all of the unsustainable products you already have instead of just throwing them away.

Number nine of her zero waste hacks includes reusing wrapping paper, ribbons, and cards.

Lastly, Gittemary’s favorite of all of her zero waste hacks is buying ugly and misshapen produce at the store.

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  • Sandra Smigiel Sandra Smigiel on Nov 30, 2022

    Love this! I am happy to see I am not alone!

    in this endeavor! I reuse everything just as this video shows! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Gail Gail on Nov 30, 2022

    One thing that is a waste of money is chicken and vegetable stock. I freeze my chicken and turkey bones in small single use amounts and make stock as needed I also keep a bag of veggie scraps in the freezer for vegetable stock