Take a Tour of This Renovated 1972 Tiny Houseboat

by Simplify

Joe and CeCe live with their dog on a tiny houseboat in a marina in New Hampshire. The couple originally wanted a tiny house, but ended up purchasing a 1972 River Queen houseboat for $8,000 and establishing their tiny house on the boat itself. The entire process, including the renovations, cost the couple around $25,000.

Here's their story, told by Tiny House Expedition:

It took Joe and CeCe a while to find a suitable marina, but they are very satisfied now. They pay in six-month increments: the summer rent is $5,500 and the winter rent is $2,775, including water, electricity, and Internet.

The boat is 200 square feet. Joe has turned the helm area into his home office which allows him to work from home. The living room is the bedroom at the same time: there is a Murphy bed, which the couple puts away every morning. The upstairs deck serves as a reading area and a hangout spot for hosting guests.

The couple got quite creative while renovating the boat. They bought 400 square feet of flooring from Facebook Marketplace and used half for the floor and half for other surfaces on the boat, such as countertops and the desk.

New Hampshire coast

There is an outdoor shower with a hot water heater and a composting toilet inside. The kitchen has a tiny oven and a cooktop. An apartment size fridge fits a week’s worth of groceries.

Joe shares that living tiny has led them to spend a lot more time outside, travel more and go on more tiny houseboat adventures. They enjoy the company in the summer, when the marina fills up with other boats, as well as their solitude the other nine months a year.

With the amazing view and relatively low cost of living, the couple is not planning to relocate any time soon.

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