How to Use Brandclub & Earn Cashback For Your Regular Shopping

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a new cashback app called Brandclub. The Brandclub app is an easy way to earn cashback on the items you buy every day. I’ll share all the ins and outs with you about how Brandclub works.

What is Brandclub?

What is Brandclub?

The Brandclub app is designed to help consumers earn rewards for shopping for their favorite brands. You’ll earn cash back for engaging with the brands you love as well as buying them. The app has so many agreements with over 5K brands. 

Retailers that partner with Brandclub

Which big retailers do they work with?

Brandclub works with Target, Walmart, and Amazon right now but they are just getting started, so more could be coming soon.

Here’s how to get started.

1. Download the app

When you sign up, you could get an additional $10. 

Signing up to Brandclub

2. Sign up

Sign up with your email and create a profile with your name, date of birth, and password. You’ll also verify your email address by a code they will send you. Put that code into the app. Then, sign into the app using your newly created password. Then you will verify your mobile number. 

Joining clubs on Brandclub

3. Join clubs

The app will then ask you to join at least four clubs. This way you are connecting to your favorite brands. You’ll also get money for joining those clubs.

Connecting retailer accounts to Brandclub

4. Connect retailer accounts

Connect your retailer accounts to the app. Click the connect button, and sign in like you’re signing in to your retailer account.

The app will scan recent purchases and if you’ve made a purchase for one of the brands in the program, you’ll get cashback into your account and some of the surveys will become unlocked which can earn you additional money.

If you don’t have any retailer accounts, you can create them, then link them to the app. When I linked my retailer accounts I earned an additional $7.

Brandclub home screen

5. Home screen

You’ll see your balance, your ability to invite friends, more clubs to join, and surveys.

How to earn cash rewards with Brandclub

6. Earn cash rewards by joining clubs

Join more clubs on the home screen. You’ll see the dollar amounts associated with joining that club. That money is considered “locked rewards” and I’ll explain…

In order to unlock those cash rewards to cash out into your account, you’ll need to purchase an item from that brand. For example, if I joined the Kraft Club, I’ll need to purchase a Kraft product like a box of mac and cheese and that will unlock the cash I earned from joining the club and I can cash that out into my account.

Taking surveys through Brandclub

7. Earn cash rewards by taking surveys

Surveys are sent to you based on your purchasing behavior. When I signed up, they realized I buy certain products and they want to know what I think about those products through surveys.

I earned between $1 and $3 for completing these crazy short surveys that took under a minute. You are limited to three surveys a day.

Again, the cash is considered locked. Unlock the cash from one survey by purchasing the product. If you take three surveys from the same brand, you will need to buy three products to unlock the cash. 

How does Brandclub work?

8. Earn cash rewards by purchasing products

Buying products unlocks more surveys and also you will get some money for buying the product.

For example, when I was at Walmart, I bought some diapers. I didn’t even know that brand was included in the program but when I synced my accounts, the app gave me money for purchasing the product.

The money will stay locked until I purchase the brand again. It’s a brand loyalty program which means they are rewarding you for staying loyal to the brand.

Earning cash rewards by watching tutorials

9. Earn cash rewards by viewing the tutorials

You’ll get $1 for watching each tutorial. 

Locked and unlocked rewards with Brandclub

10. Why are the rewards locked?

It’s a brand loyalty program which means they are rewarding you for staying loyal to the brand. So you can’t unlock rewards until you buy the product associated with the activity you earned money for doing.

For example, I took a Kraft survey, I earned $2, and then spent .88 cents on a Kraft mac and cheese, I got that $2 back from the survey. It’s an amazing program.

Syncing to Brandclub

11. Syncing lets Brandclub know what you purchased

Say I go to Target, shop, and check out; I pay with whatever card is associated with my Target account. When I sync my Target and Brandclub accounts, Branclub pulls my purchases from my Target account and gives me money for the brands I purchased that are part of Brandclub’s program.

If you have a gift card attached to your retail accounts, that can also work and Brandclub can scan your purchases. 

12. What about Walmart?

If you like using WalmartPay, you can do that with Brandclub, too.

13. What about scanning receipts? 

After you pay, you leave the store, and you do not have to scan receipts. Go back into your Brandclub account and hit “sync” after you make purchases. Hitting sync takes the place of scanning receipts.

14. What if sync doesn’t work?

Brandclub says it can take 5 to 15 days for those products to show, but my products show much faster.

15. How do you cash out?

You can cash out if you have a minimum of $10 in unlocked rewards. You can cash out once every 24 hours. You can’t cash out more than $50 a day. When you cash out you can put it in your Venmo or Paypal account.

How to use Brandclub

16. What is “My Clubs”?

It’s where you can see all your rewards in one place–from what you earned, cashed out, and what’s still locked.

How to use Brandclub

Let me know what you think of Brandclub’s rewards. For more info, see my other post on Brandclub FAQs.

What do you like to see in a cashback app? Let me know in the comments below.

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