How to Save Money on Coffee

Let's talk about coffee, and let's talk about how to save money on coffee. It is a question I get asked quite often, so let's make coffee together and let's chat.

I've only been drinking coffee for the past ten years or so, and mostly it was situational because when I was working and the team that we were in, it was always let's go grab a coffee before the meeting, or you would talk to someone over a coffee appointment. So it was just a habit.

Being frugal, buying coffee

When I stopped working with the big team, I was kind of independent, making my own appointments. I would get a takeaway coffee only about twice a week from the independent gas stations. Then it was always like, buy four, get the fifth for free.

So I was still working out how to be pretty frugal. So I'd only get two coffees a week but still have coffee at home all the other times.

Nescafé brand coffee

Nescafé brand coffee

We are loyal to Nescafé, and there are a few different reasons why. We find that the quality and the taste are just always there, and growing up, it was always in the household.

Nescafé Blend 43

Blend 43 is the coffee that my husband drinks. He has a heaped teaspoon, and he doesn't have any sugar in it. He just has the water and the milk. On the weekend, he can have about two or three different coffees. 

Nescafé cappuccino sachets

Nescafé cappucino sachets

The Nescafé sachets here used to be how I would drink coffee. 

I got onto them because I was given some samples through one of the survey sites and found that it just gave a really luxurious type of coffee that you could get from a cafe and stuff but with way fewer calories. It has milk solids inside of it, so it just gives a really creamy texture.

These used to go on sale for AUD3 a box (USD2), and I would stock up. Now they've gone up to AUD3.80 (USD2.58). So now I will stick to instant coffee instead.  

Nescafé oat latte

Nescafé oat latte

Here is the Nescafé gold oat latte. Again, we were given these as a sample, and my daughter instantly loved them because there were no milk solids in them. There's the oat milk solids.

It was gentler on her tummy because she was starting to have a lot of issues with milk in general. So we started getting these again, and then they came in a sachet. They're discontinued. We did manage to buy up a massive, massive bulk lot, but now our time has run out of them. That was an opportunity for us to start looking for alternatives to coffee. 

We were given a box full of lots of Nescafé goodies, including a little jar of Nescafé Gold. While it is a strong blend, the texture is there on par with the oat latte. My daughter was able to just add her own oat milk, and there she has a coffee that she absolutely loves.

I'm so glad that she did discover this because I now also use this gold because I just find it's a little less bitter than the actual Nescafé blend. 

Cole's hot chocolate

Homemade mocha

This is Cole's hot chocolate. It is AUD3 (USD2), and it is very popular. We use it in our coffees just to help make, like, a mocha because that is what we really enjoy.

If we can make it at home, then there's no need to buy a coffee out. We just don't buy coffee out. It's just not a thing for us because it's also loaded with a lot of milk and calories and all the rest of it.

Coffee syrup 

Something new to our household is vanilla coffee syrup. Someone on TikTok recommended it, so I got it. My daughter absolutely loves it. Sometimes I will put a couple of drops of it into my coffee if I don't add any sugar in there. It does bring a really lovely, sweet taste to it. 

Basic lineup we use

Farmers Union iced coffee is the only iced coffee we drink. 

Farmers Union iced coffee

That's a Farmers Union iced coffee, or it's nothing. We live in South Australia. It is what it is. This is what my son likes to drink. He doesn't really like hot coffee, but he really loves this. It's filling for him as well, being a milk product. So why not? 

Bickfords iced coffee

We got some Bickfords iced coffee syrup to try and make our own. I also tried to add a little bit of vanilla syrup just to make it a little bit sweeter. We haven't quite mastered what we're doing yet with it.

We will get there, but for now, we're just sticking with the Farmers Union iced coffee. I can usually buy it as a markdown, which is pretty good. But if I can't, then I'll wait till I do a big grocery haul and get it then. 

Using a kettle to make coffee

Coffee machine

So here is our coffee machine. It is a kettle, and it is from Kmart, and it costs about AUD9 (USD6.10).

We don't have a real coffee machine for a few different things. One, we can't work out what we want. We keep going to different places and getting demos and getting information about coffee machines. There's nothing out there that we really like. We don't want to get any pod machines, even though we see all the sales all the time because I think that the pods independently are quite expensive.

Then there's also waste. So for now, we're just sticking with good old traditional coffee at home, and it keeps us frugal and, most of all keeps us happy. 

How to save money on coffee

I hope I’ve given you some ideas for how to save on coffee. Let me know how you like your coffee in the comments because I would love to hear from you. Do you have frugal ways to enjoy your coffee? Share your recipes below.

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