How She Designed Her Art Studio Apartment in Warsaw, Poland

by Simplify

Karolina Howorko is a Polish artist and the founder of Studio Hoka. She lives in a small studio apartment in Warsaw. Howorko saw the apartment as a blank canvas and an opportunity to design a space with lights, colors, and life. Here are the design ideas she decided to incorporate into her art studio apartment.

The apartment building used to be a warehouse before World War II. After the war, it was converted to residential homes to address a housing crisis. Before Karolina moved in, her apartment had a typical layout, with a tiny kitchen and a walled-off bedroom. Karolina renovated the area, knocking down the walls to make it open-concept.

When you first enter her art studio apartment, there is a long corridor with closets, and a bathroom. The tiles have wooden pieces integrated into them to provide visual continuity with the apartment flooring.

In the living space, two big windows provide natural light. The floor is herringbone, which contrasts nicely with the white walls. There is a tall shelf that Karolina calls “a bookshelf for art.” The pastel pink sofa converts to a guest bed.

Artistic studio apartment design ideas

Near the stairs is a kitchen alcove, with a curtain in front of it, that can be closed to hide a mess. Under the staircase, cabinets open to reveal a refrigerator, a slide-out dining table, and stools for sitting on.

At the top of the stairs is the sleeping and office area, with a bookshelf, a wardrobe, and a small desk that folds out with a view. When Karolina sits at the desk and works, she can see out the large windows.

Art studio apartment

The cleverly designed lighting and white walls make the space seem bigger, and provide space for further experimentation. The art studio apartment is a cozy place to cook, sleep, relax and enjoy the city.

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