How Her 400 Sq Ft Studio Apartment Helps Foster Her Creativity

by Simplify

It may sound next to impossible, but you can live your best life in a 400 sq ft studio apartment— forgoing a much larger home, pairing down the number of possessions you own, and saving a ton of money in the process. And that’s exactly what Farida did and continues to do in Toronto, Canada.

According to Farida, her 400-square-foot apartment has a wide open floor plan and plenty of natural light cascading in from her floor-to-ceiling windows. These two features make a warm and inviting space that never hinders her creativity.

While her hobbies would normally require a bigger space to complete, she’s learned how to continue expressing herself creatively, through activities like sewing and cross-stitching, in the space her 400 sq ft apartment does provide.

When it comes to 400 sq ft studio apartment layout ideas, Farida is quick to point out the lobby area in her home. Here she stores her shoes, keys, and phone. Plus, she has a stackable laundry unit and a closet for even more storage, all in the span of just a few hundred sq ft.

Moving further into Farida’s apartment, you’ll notice more of the 400 sq ft studio apartment ideas she came up with while designing this space. These include a small full-size bathroom with a walk-in shower with glass doors, growing an indoor vine plant that she drapes over her archway, a basic eating area with candles and fruits serving as decor, and a one-wall linear kitchen that has both full-size appliances and countertop appliances neatly stored there.

400 sq ft studio apartment

Farida’s apartment certainly isn’t huge, but it does feel much bigger than you would think it would as a 400 sq ft studio apartment. And one thing is for sure. It definitely feels like a comfy home.

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