This Small Apartment Design Makes the Most of Every Square Foot

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This small apartment design is truly impressive. Located in Turin, Italy, the building was built in 1957 but has not been updated since then. Therefore, the space used to be structured inefficiently, but its owner, Italian architect Davide Minervini, completely reorganized and renovated it, making each square foot count.

Using pegboards for storage in a small apartment

First, Davide switched the rooms around, turning the room closest to the entrance from a bedroom to a living room, and demolished the entrance corridor. The kitchenette was turned into a closet, and the kitchen was moved to the living area.

In that space, Davide set out to create two different areas, despite it being only 195 square feet. A custom floor-to-ceiling integrated storage unit was installed along the wall. A gray sofa creates a natural separation between the two parts of the space.

The kitchen sits by the balcony, so it receives a lot of natural light. The kitchen appliances are hidden away behind folding doors when not in use. An extendable table can host about 15 people at a time for a meal.

Davide designed a custom triangle light that points to the table just for this space. Four Ikea pegboards placed in a row on the wall are great for hanging items or small containers, despite being very cheap.

The hallway between the living room and the bedroom is deliberately as small as possible and houses the washing machine. The bedroom is a 160-square-foot room equipped with a walk-in closet and a custom storage unit. The desk next to the window opens up to allow Davide to easily clean the window when needed.

Small apartment design

Designing a small studio apartment is not easy, but Davide managed to create a beautiful and efficient space. He also did a great job with colors: bright blue pieces in the kitchen match the bedroom wall, the living room ceiling is black to contrast the bright white walls, and the black paint in the bathroom gives it a unique and luxurious look.

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