This Tiny Apartment in Tokyo Makes Creative Use of Little Space

by Simplify

Emma, an Australian Youtuber, knew that she wanted to travel around Japan, but life in Japan can be pretty expensive. Thanks to her tiny apartment in Tokyo, Emma is able to make her travel dreams come true.

This Tokyo apartment is so tiny you can stand in the middle and touch both walls simultaneously. At 86 square feet, it’s smaller than most tiny homes! Because of that, Emma has really tried to maximize the space at hand.

When you walk in, there is a shoe cupboard, because in Japan it is customary to take off your shoes when you walk into a home.

Shoe shelves for removing shoes

The compact kitchen has a microwave and a toaster piled on top of each other in order to maximize space, with sticky pads to keep the toaster from falling during earthquakes.

Even though the apartment is tiny, Emma does yoga on her yoga mat, even though when she lays it out, the edges curl up because there isn’t enough space for it to lie completely flat.

The apartment also has a workspace where Emma works on her laptop; she likes looking out her window while she works, to feel connected to the world outside, and has many potted plants in the apartment to bring the outside into her home.

It was essential for Emma to move into a space where the dining/living and sleeping spaces were separate. Part of the reason she chose this apartment is that despite its small size, it is split into two levels, with the upper level serving as a sleeping space. This allows for separate zones within the apartment.

One of the challenges of the apartment is that it came pre-furnished. Although this meant that Emma didn’t have to go out and buy furniture, it also made it harder for her to make the space her own.

Altogether, the apartment costs Emma $600 a month in rent, and she has a month-to-month contract, which means she isn’t tied in if her plans change.

Tiny apartment in Tokyo

The combination of cheap rent and flexibility is enabling Emma to carry out her dream of living in Tokyo and traveling around Japan.

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