These Renters Make Creative Use of Space in a Small Tokyo Apartment

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Hige and Watashi are a couple living in an apartment building in Tokyo where they run a YouTube channel all about their daily lives. Many subscribers like to follow them because they live in a surprisingly small Tokyo apartment, measuring only 624 sq feet, and they show people how to make the most of any size home.

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Hige says that dust is an important thing to consider in such small spaces because it settles quickly and carries harmful airborne bacteria that you want to eliminate. So, he recommends purchasing a Govee smart home ecosystem for monitoring air quality, purifying the air, using a humidifier, and staying warm with the smart portable space heater.

While not all apartments in Tokyo are this small in size, Hige and Watashi say that the open floor plan really makes all the difference in the way it feels, especially when combined with the high ceilings.

Plus, their Tokyo apartment rental features a large built-in storage unit, a balcony large enough for gardening, L-shaped bookcases made from repurposed apple boxes, and bean bag chairs manufactured by Muji instead of a couch.

Fortunately, the modern kitchen they share is quite large for such a small Tokyo apartment too. The bright yellow cabinets are a feature of the room, and they also have a large sink, refrigerator, and microwave located up high and off the countertops.

In a nicely separated space, Hige and Watashi eat meals in their dining room, which is also rather large. But, it does fit a spacious table as well as stools and bench seating. They also use this space for work at times since their large computer monitor easily fits on their table.

Lastly, they were able to fit a bed, a built-in storage unit, and plenty of home decor pieces in the bedroom area of their small Tokyo apartment.

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