Check Out This Innovative Small Apartment in Japan

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Located in Setagaya, this small apartment in Japan is certainly worth taking a look at.

Not only is it clean, bright, and cozy, but it also houses a mother and son who each wanted to have their own space in an apartment that only totals 495 square feet.

To accomplish this task, many components of Japanese small apartment interior design had to be integrated in just the right way to make this family feel at home.

Since all of this happened as a result of the original homeowner getting injured and needing her adult son to help whenever necessary, it was important to reconfigure the space in a logical way to meet both of their needs.

Hired to complete some pretty major upgrades to the home while giving both occupants exactly what they had in mind, Kumiko Ouchi from Small Design Studio set about to create a space where both mother and son could comfortably enjoy each other’s company throughout the day while also having some privacy for themselves at night.

Small apartment, Japan

In Japan, small apartment designs are known to be both smart and creative. And with land coming at such a premium, it’s pretty widespread throughout the country.

Having an open concept for all the shared living areas and smaller, more private bedrooms on either side of the apartment in mind, Kumiko rearranged the entire footprint of this apartment to match these expectations.

Plus, she included an abundance of storage solutions in her designs to keep personal items like clothes, shoes, golf bags, and wifi routers.

Sensor lighting brightens up the space in closets. And the bathroom is accessible from both the hallway and the mother’s bedroom as a matter of convenience.

This small apartment in Japan also has a step down into the living room area and a bioethanol fireplace for added warmth.

Small apartment, Japan

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  • Hope Hope on Feb 20, 2024


    The only thing that GIVES ME GREAT PAUSE is the Step-Down Living Room Area. We lost a family member several years ago due to a trip and fall while navigating the Step-Down stairs and he was in good health and physical shape. It was a crazy accident and very, very sad. I, personally, would be worried about the gentleman’s mother…the article mentioned that she had been injured and needed help with some things.