Interior Design Tips For a Chic & Cozy Small Apartment

by Simplify

Alexandra Gater is an interior design Youtuber who specializes in small apartment design. Her focus is on transforming micro-home rentals so that they feel chic and cozy at the same time.

In this video, Alexandra takes you on a tour of one of her latest small apartment interior design projects:

The tiny Toronto studio is only 200 square feet and is located on the third floor of an old home, making it a typical Toronto apartment. The renter is Margaree, who does a lot of good in the community and was nominated for an apartment makeover by her sister.

One of the challenges of designing this apartment was creating separate zones, so that living/dining and sleeping felt separate from each other, and also creating a physical separation between Margaree’s workspace and her living space. This allows her to create more emotional boundaries between her work and her home life, even when her home is her office.

In order to create separate zones, Alexandra designed a conversation area by placing chairs together that have their backs to the sleeping area. The chairs are framed by a rug, which helps to delineate the space.

Large rug in a small apartment

Alexandra says that a mistake people make often, especially in micro apartments, is having a small rug. By having a rug big enough to fit all the furniture for that area on it, you help to create a sense of separate zones that makes the space feel bigger.

This is just one of Alexandra’s many small apartment design ideas. Another one is to make sure to have a mirror in your apartment, which reflects light and makes the space feel bigger. Also, because every space is very visible in a small apartment, it is important to fill the space with objects that look beautiful and feel special to you.

Another tip is to create a physical separation between work and leisure by having a workspace that can be put away out of sight and out of mind. In this apartment, the desk is a fold-out hutch that can be folded up into the wall at the end of the work day.

Small apartment design

With all of her great interior design ideas for small homes on a low budget, Alexandra shows that micro apartments can be a comfortable and fashionable choice for those who are trying to watch their wallets.

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