6 Smart Small Apartment Ideas & Interior Design Hacks

by Simplify

Do you need small apartment ideas for storage and decor? Sharrah Stevens will equip you with ideas that will help you survive and thrive in your small space.

She lived in a 350-square-foot studio apartment for a few years before moving to a 600-square-foot apartment. She shares ideas for small studio apartments and more.

1. Use light colors

Floorcoverings, furniture, and paint in white or lighter cool grays make a space feel larger because they reflect light. The same goes for lighter-toned woods. Dark colors and espresso-toned woods make a place cozy and smaller.

2. Create zones

Sharrah has a living room, dining room, and office in one space. She differentiates the spaces with rugs and light fixtures rather than cluttering dividers.

3. Remove doors

Doors get in the way so take them off of cabinets and closets. In a bedroom, hang curtains over doorless closets to keep out the dust.

Small apartment ideas

4. Invest in multifunctional pieces

Storage ottomans hide stuff but using dishware as decorative accessories on open shelving are all multifunctional ideas.

5. Hang mirrors

Mirrors reflect light into the space to brighten things up. Mirrors also trick the eye into thinking the space keeps going and does not end at the wall. Sharrah has multiple small mirrors around her bedroom to create depth and dimension.

6. 10-minute tidy habit

Small spaces can get so dirty and cluttered faster than big spaces. Leaving even one or two random items lying around looks messy. Make it a habit to tidy up 10 minutes a day.

Small apartment ideas

We hope these small apartment ideas help you love your tiny space even more. Let us know if you own or rent. And please share your small apartment decor ideas.

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To see more videos, check out the Sharrah Stevens YouTube channel.

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    We are in a 1000 sq ft apt that we have lived in over 2 years. When one apt was vacated & maintenance came in to do touch ups for next occupants…..I slipped in and got a cup of wall paint. I then went to Home Depot & had them make a quart of paint for my little nicks in the walls. I share with my neighbors & I get a nice fresh paint smell😃