This Historic Apartment Has an Original Fresco Mural on Its Walls

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There are many historic apartments in Italy, but this clever apartment redesign manages to preserve the apartment’s history while giving it a modern feel.

The apartment is located in Mantova (Mantua), in a building that was built in the 15th century and has undergone many transformations. It used to belong to the current owner’s grandmother.

In this video, the architect in charge of the renovation walks you through the renovation process and provides a tour of the finished product:

The apartment is only 387 square feet, so creating a feeling of space was a major priority. In their mission, they were aided by the fact that the apartment has high ceilings.

The architect knocked down many of the interior walls, creating an open-plan living space centered around the bedroom cube. The bedroom cube’s walls do not go to the ceiling, and it has windows that connect it to the rest of the space, as well as circular cutouts that provide a framed view of the original exposed wall.

The apartment has an original fresco mural on its walls

That wall acts as an accent piece for the rest of the apartment; you can see the different layers of the wall that tell the building’s story, and reflect the different transformations it has had in its 600-year history. They give the apartment an artistic museum feeling.

One of the key elements to creating comfortable and spacious living in such a small space is the different pieces of custom-made furniture throughout the apartment, including a built-in oak bench that doubles as a work and dining surface, a floating integrated bench seat for up to eight people in the dining area, a headboard that is integrated into the bedroom cube’s wall, and a sink with the plumbing located inside the sink basin to save space.

Historic apartment in Mantova

This beautiful historic apartment has become a stunning contemporary micro-home thanks to a creative apartment redesign that respected both the current owner’s needs and the building’s story.

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