This Gorgeous Tiny Paris Apartment Dates Back to 1722

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Paris is one of the most beautiful—and one of the most expensive—cities of the world. This tiny Paris apartment provides a realistic urban living solution that can serve as an example for those looking for affordable ways to live in some of the world’s most entrancing urban landscapes.

The apartment is located in the Haute Marais, an area near the city center full of bars, restaurants, and shops. The 2nd-floor duplex has street views and measures 538 square feet, making it quite compact.

However, the owner, architect Thomas, has made the most of his Paris micro apartment through the use of intelligent interior design.

The original building was built in 1722, so Thomas wanted his design to pay homage to history. He changed the floor plan by moving the staircase next to the window and from a straight to a spiral staircase.

He also modified access to the bathroom to create a laundry closet, and added storage space next to the kitchen. The first floor is the living/dining area and kitchen, while the second floor is the bedroom and bathroom.

As you walk into this small Paris apartment, there’s a small entranceway and storage space hidden by mirrors that reflect the space and make it seem bigger.

The use of reflective mirrors is a recurring theme throughout the apartment, including in the mezzanine bedroom, which is painted olive green and lacks natural sunlight.

The tiny apartment is located in the Haute Marais, Paris

The living space is located under the mezzanine, which has a lower ceiling and a cozy feel. Furnishings include a navy velvet couch with decorative cushions and two custom bookcases.

The dining area has a lovely wooden table that can seat up to eight, with luxury touches such as an overhead Murano glass chandelier and Morgan Pascolinie plates displayed on the wall. However, Thomas’s favorite room is the bathroom, which features tiles from Italy and terracotta floors.

Tiny Paris apartment

Thomas’s keen eye for taking a lack of space and turning it from a disadvantage to a positive attribute makes use of historic urban space in the heart of Paris.

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