Shelving, TV, a Work Nook, & a Bed Are All Hidden In This Wall Unit

by Simplify

This Sydney micro-apartment is inspired by clean and simple German design. The 290-square-foot studio apartment in Sydney is located in the charming Rushcutters Bay area, which is a completely walkable neighborhood.

The apartment interior is made of white, laminated plywood, creating a light and clean aesthetic that creates a feeling of space and airiness.

The client came to interior designer Nicholas Gurney with firm ideas of what he wanted for the apartment. He was inspired by Gurney’s previous work, as well as by some German interior designs he had seen.

The primary goal for this apartment was to conceal everything in a single wall unit with a sliding door. Gurney designed a wall-bed that acts as a Murphy bed, and is tucked into the wall unit when not in use. There is also a tiny work nook that can be hidden from view, plus storage space and shelving. When the sliding doors are closed, only the TV screen mounted onto the wall is visible.

Cabinet with a sliding door

The open space living/dining area has two chairs and a table and is just on the other side of the kitchen.

The kitchen is L-shaped and makes use of existing surfaces to integrate appliances. It is equipped with an oven, and an induction cooktop, a hot water unit, and a full-size integrated fridge, with integrated LED lighting. Despite its compact size, the kitchen has an adequate amount of food prep surfaces.

A glass door divides the studio from the bathroom, which uses a three-panel folding shower screen system that can be used to make the shower larger when in use.

Studio apartment with a wall bed

Altogether, through clever design and the use of integrated furniture, lighting, and appliances, this interior design maximizes the space of this studio apartment in Sydney.

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