Her 400 Sq Ft Studio Apartment is the Perfect Bachelorette Pad

by Simplify

Jessica’s 400-square-foot studio apartment in Toronto is the perfect bachelorette pad and has allowed her to achieve home ownership in her 20s.

Jessica knew that she wanted to buy her own home, but a low budget meant she needed to look into a small apartment. Through the use of intelligent studio apartment design and some DIY help from her dad, she created a studio apartment layout that has everything in its place in order to function, and that “makes me happy for right now in my life”.

The studio apartment is located in Toronto

The entry area has hooks for hanging scarves and other go-to items. Once you enter the apartment, a mirrored closet with four sliding doors creates the illusion of space while providing a convenient way for Jessica to organize her clothes and makeup. Her dad helped build the closet and to figure out the best way to organize items.

Having a good workspace was important to Jessica, who works from home as a vlogger and social media manager. She repurposed a small dining room table as a work desk, with two monitors. She also added a desk chair and a small set of drawers next to the table desk for storing her work items.

The living area has a full-size beige couch that also acts as an item of artwork, serving as the room’s aesthetic focal point. In a small space, you find yourself looking at everything and seeing the same things over and over, so it was important to Jessica to decorate with things that inspire her and make her happy, such as a wreath she made during lockdown, local Toronto art, and a travel collage.

400 sq ft studio apartment

Through the use of clever design and lots of thought about what works for her lifestyle, Jessica has created the perfect studio apartment and reached home-ownership in her 20s, while continuing to live in the city she loves.

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  • Barb Barb on Aug 30, 2022

    Very nice!! I have been to Toronto… my Sister, & Brother-in-law lived there for 5 years❣️