22-Piece Winter Capsule Wardrobe Tour

Ana Goldberg
by Ana Goldberg

It is getting colder, so it is time to get out my winter capsule wardrobe. Today, I want to share it with you and tell you the stories behind each of my favorite outfits.

As someone who grew up in Siberia and knows real cold, I know how to dress for it, and I love layering everything.

Unlike most women’s winter capsule wardrobes, mine does not have a lot of neutrals, because I love colors, interesting cuts, and unobvious combinations.

A lot of my clothes are tailor made or made by me, with some ready-made garments both from sustainable and fast fashion brands.

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Winter capsule wardrobe pieces


One of my newer items is this basic oversized sweater that I knitted out of beautiful raspberry colored tweed yarn. It is light and warm, and I can wear it with most of my pants and dresses.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

I got this cardigan in Belgrade a year ago. It is from a local brand, and it is light and thin, but very warm at the same time. I pair it with my pants and a blue dress.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

This jumper is also handmade by me. I am not a huge fan of the fall-like colors, but I enjoy wearing it. The yarn is a bit itchy, but I actually like it, because the prickly feeling keeps me warm during colder days.

Unfortunately, I can wear it only with my pants.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

I also crocheted this vest, and I have a similar variant for warmer days. I think I will soon alter it and make it shorter to fit my body better. I wear it with pants and dresses. It is a great layering piece for building warmth and comfort.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

This red turtleneck I bought as a gift for myself for my 40th birthday last year.

It is very thin and comfortable, and very easy to wear as a layering piece. I wear it with pants and under my dresses or shirts.

The fabric is a thin mix of modal and cashmere, so I only wash it by hand.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

Originally, this corduroy shirt was of a different color, but I dyed it black, and I like it so much more now.

It was made by an independent seamstress. It has cropped sleeves and boxy feet, cute coconut shell buttons, and it mixes well with most of my clothes.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

This blouse is dyed, too. The cream beige did not match my complexion well, but the black version looks great. When it is warmer, I wear it on its own, but for winters it goes well with a sweater and a cardigan.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

This flannel shirt is one of the most worn items in my wardrobe. It is pretty thin, but very comfortable and compact, which makes it perfect for a winter travel capsule wardrobe.

I like the flattering skipper collar design and black and white big plaid pattern. I wear it with pants and my dresses, and the oversized sweater also accommodates the shirt well.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces


I ordered this dress from an independent seamstress three years ago. It is a very simple smoke dress with ties on the back and cropped sleeves.

The heavy linen fabric is perfect for colder seasons. To make it look more interesting, I sometimes use detachable collars.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

This dress is a recent buy from a sustainable independent European brand. It is roomy, has raglan construction and balloon-ish sleeves.

I love simple dresses and I feel very comfortable in them, especially when traveling.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces


I only own one pair of pants right now, and it is perfect. High-rise, baggy fit, deep pockets, I love wearing them with all the tops and even together with dresses for some extra warmth and interesting layering.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

As a minimalist, I have replaced tights with leggings this winter. They are thick and high waisted, and I wear them both under my pants and with dresses, and on their own, like with this sweater.

I also own another pair, which is older and pricier.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces


I crocheted this beret using a free video tutorial on YouTube. It is very soft, easy to care for and fun to style.

To match it with a different shade of red, which I own a lot, as you have noticed, I break the redness by putting another color in between, like this scarf, which I also made myself using muslin cotton fabric and hand dyed.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

I finished this hat just a couple of days ago using the remaining yarn from the sweater. It is soft wool, thin and warm, and it has really fun ears.

I love hats, and since I do not have that many clothes, having more accessories make the outfits more interesting.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

I crocheted this beanie two years ago out of organic cotton yarn. The color is a bit too pale for my skin, but it works well with a more vibrant top.

It is not the warmest, but it works for mild winters together with the hood on my winter jacket. It just works fine for mild winters.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

This mini scarf is of the same color and the same yarn as the beret.

On some days, I wear it together with a cotton scarf for warmth. The shade of red looks great with the dresses and the corduroy jacket.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

For this bigger scarf, I used some leftover and secondhand yarn. This is a very minimalist, frugal and eco-friendly item. It is not bulky and just enough for keeping my neck warm.

With the same yarn, I made white fingerless mittens, and embroidered little hearts to hide a tiny knitting mistake. They are pretty thin, but perfect for mild European winters.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

As opposed to all these new items, these gloves my now husband sent me in a package all the way from the US to Siberia. Since then they have been keeping me warm.

Winter capsule wardrobe pieces

For outerwear I have one super light jacket and one pair of sneakers. They are technically not for winter, but this is what I have been wearing.

Winter capsule wardrobe

I am thankful for my minimalist winter wardrobe that suits my current lifestyle and aesthetic. Of course, things change, and we are always learning.

I have recently decided to always opt for wool instead of cotton for warmth, and gotten rid of some clothes that I loved wearing but that did not fit the climate here.

Building a wardrobe is so personal, so I do not believe in following advice.

What does your winter wardrobe look like? What are some of your favorite winter staples? Why? Leave a comment below.

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