30-Day Minimalism Game: How to Declutter 465 Items From Your Home

A Millennial Grandma
by A Millennial Grandma

Today, I’m going to show you all the items I’m decluttering, trying to sell, or recycling as part of a minimalism game. This minimalism game was created by The Minimalists and it’s basically a game where you try to eliminate and declutter items from your home for each day of the month.

For this 30-day minimalism game, you begin on day one by decluttering one item. On day two you declutter two items. Day three, three items, and so on. By day 30, you will have decluttered 465 items. I’ll show you what I decluttered by playing this fun minimalist game.

Decluttered items on day 1

Day 1

I’m getting rid of this Harry Potter DVD game that I’ve never used. I’m not going to get a DVD player just to use it, either. 

Decluttered items on day 2

Day 2

I’m getting rid of this holiday candle that I used up as well as a Chanel lipstick that I haven’t used in over a year. I don’t even wear much makeup.

Decluttered items on day 3

Day 3

I’m cutting up two credit gift cards and getting rid of a dead plant.

Decluttered items on day 4

Day 4

I’m decluttering these Christmas lights because I don’t like the color. I’m getting rid of these coffee-flavored syrups, they are expired anyhow. I’m getting rid of a can of spray paint that I never used. I’m recycling a plastic container that had cookies in it.

Decluttered items on day 5

Day 5

I’m decluttering an eyeglass cleaner, an empty bottle of serum, a soap dispenser, and recycling electric fireplace manual, and a brochure for a local spa.

Decluttered items on day 6

Day 6

I’m getting rid of four acrylic stands, a business card, and a keychain.

Decluttered items on day 7

Day 7

I’m decluttering five gift cards because I’ve used them up. I’m recycling a tiny bag and a gift card holder, too.

Decluttered items on day 8

Day 8

I’ll be decluttering a container, a Vaseline jar that’s old, a hair tie that’s lost its elasticity, a jar, a candle, a grubby kitchen wipe, a lid for a jar, and a vase.

Decluttered items on day 9

Day 9

I’m getting rid of headphones (one ear works), a USB charger that doesn’t work anymore, a broken pushpin, an old bottle of nail polish, a wine cork, I’ll try to sell a wallet, and I’m throwing out a broken hanger, a t-shirt, and two pairs of underwear.

Decluttered items on day 10

Day 10

I’m decluttering this package of 10 pens/markers that I’ve had for a long time and never touched. I’ll try to sell that on Facebook Marketplace for a few dollars.

Decluttered items on day 11

Day 11

I’m decluttering a new package of 8 sparklers that I’ll try to sell on FB Marketplace and a mindfulness journal that I never really used. The 10th item is a reusable bag and the 11th item is all of these gems that are used to decorate jars.  

Decluttered items on day 12

Day 12

I’m decluttering three jewelry boxes, four jewelry travel cases, two sets of cards, two instruction guides, and one paper clip.

Decluttered items on day 13

Day 13

I’m decluttering nine birthday candles and four pillar candles. 

Decluttered items on day 14

Day 14

I’m decluttering 12 plant pods, a flower decor, and plant filler. 

Decluttered items on day 15

Day 15

I’m decluttering two shoeboxes, two shoe cleaners, white paint, a pair of shoes (two shoes), one small charcuterie board, two salad/dessert plates, three Mason jars, one package of flower plant food, and a flower holder that holds glass vials.

Decluttered items on day 16

Day 16

I’m eliminating a backpack, plant stand, leather leggings, USB cord, wireless charger, Dove underarm spray, four art brushes, four golf balls, and two gloves.

Decluttered items on day 17

Day 17

I’m getting rid of a huge pile of bubble wrap from my Amazon packages.

Decluttered items on day 18

Day 18

I’ll eliminate one plastic bin, a beanie, five Christmas cards, a laptop desk tray, plastic ice cube trays, a charger that doesn’t work well, two manual guides, a business card, three cookie cutters that I’ll give back to my parents, a lighter, and a Christmas tin.

Decluttered items on day 19

Day 19

I’ll get rid of six bowls, a lip pencil, two pairs of chopsticks, and 10 plastic forks and knives. 

Decluttered items on day 20

Day 20

I’m getting rid of 20 table number holders we used for our wedding that have sat in my junk drawer. 

Decluttered items on day 21

Day 21

I’m decluttering 21 candy canes from Christmas that we’ll never eat.

Decluttered items on day 22

Day 22

I’ll declutter three essential oils, a skirt hanger, a duster coat, two socks, a cleanser, two empty jars, eyebrow powder, a coin purse, a cream, a lotion, a nail polish remover that I’ll give to my mom, three contact lens cases, blemish oil that I never used because I’m afraid to use it, foundation since I don’t wear makeup, and two worn Ziplock bags.

Decluttered items on day 23

Day 23

I’m eliminating a paper bag, magnets I’ll resell, electric toothbrush heads, 12 foot soaps and salts, bath bombs, soaps, and lip balms and oils I’ll never use since I don’t take baths. 

Decluttered items on day 24

Day 24

I’m decluttering two tea bags, two reusable bags, eyeglass cleaner cloth, a souvenir, a hairpin, a mini muffin tray, two pairs of hats, two travel guides, a cast iron pan, and I’ll resell, a streaky Windex cleaner, a jar, and takeout containers.

Decluttered items on day 25

Day 25

I’ll recycle or sell seven paper gift bags, two tissue papers, ribbons, two buttons, extra yarn, a TD Bank information card, two small Ziplock bags, earrings, a heel cover, camera plus equipment, and the bag. 

Decluttered items on day 26

Day 26

I’ll declutter 25 elastic bands and a bent paper clip.

Decluttered items on day 27

Day 27

I’ll eliminate 10 envelopes, one McDonald’s coffee card, 12 ribbons, and four expired pantry items.

Decluttered items on day 28

Day 28

I’m decluttering 28 pens and pencils I won’t use since I use my phone for all my notes.

Decluttered items on day 29

Day 29

I’ll donate grocery store plastic bags to a charity thrift shop that reuses them for store purchases.

30-day minimalism game

Day 30

I’ll declutter 30 takeout packets of ketchup, soy sauce, salt, pepper, duck sauce, vinegar, and moist towelettes that I’ll never use.

30-day minimalism game

I hope I inspired you to do your own decluttering game challenge. Everything big and small counts towards decluttering your home. Let us know in the comments below what you’ll declutter. 

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  • Jinxx Jinxx on Nov 07, 2022

    Did you sell any of the items you thought you might or do you still have them? I get stuck on that. I retired and have really nice clothes that I think I should sell because I could use the money but am not sure I would be a good seller because my ADHD causes issues with organization and timely follow-up. Not a lot of opportunity for consignment in this area.

    • Penny dean Penny dean on Nov 14, 2022

      I too am retired, and I sell my things on Mercari Its easy, it safe. I am able to use the money I make to donate to my favorite charity only because I don't need the money. I have made good money and cleaned out a, lot of clothes and other items my children don't want.

  • Lyn13763206 Lyn13763206 on Jan 12, 2024

    I like the game format. It sounds like it would make it really fun!