31 Items to Purge From Your Home In March [Free Checklist]

Easy checklist (and free!) of 31 items to purge from your home and life in March. Take this month one step at a time and declutter one thing each day. You’ll get things sorted out, and be able to enjoy a more clutter free home.

Welcome to the 3rd of my 12 part series of free decluttering printables this year – all based around my popular post – 365 things to declutter from your home and life this year.

Decide for yourself how you’d prefer to get things done using each monthly black and white declutter checklist (which you can grab NOW in the Printables Library).

Either do it all on one day in a blitz session, or take it slowly and declutter one item a day on the date the checklist suggests.

It really depends on what time you have available, and how you like to do things (as always!).

Without further ado, let’s get on with March’s declutter (the first for Spring), shall we….

Hope you enjoy!

31 Things to declutter in March

#1 – Evening wear you won’t wear again or that you have no need for. Ask yourself honestly how many dressy evening do’s you go to, and whether you will ever wear the same thing again (often as women we go to evening do’s with the same group of people, and so like to wear a different outfit ideally each time)

#2 – Apps on your phone that waste your time. I recently got rid of some of the games on my phone that seem to help me lose hours in a day when I let myself be distracted….. If they aren’t there, then the temptation goes with it.

#3 – Anything waiting to be mended – spend an hour getting it done (DIY or clothes).

#4 – Digital books (Kindle) that you’ve read and don’t want any longer. Whether the clutter is physical or digital – it can still weigh you down….

#5 – Excess furniture (clear the room a bit and let it all breathe!)

#6 – Shop Catalogues. Everything you need to look at can now be found online really easily. You’ll also see any sales, any out of stock items, and any additions – so you’ll always have the most up to date catalogue online which makes for easier shopping.

#7 – Any earrings that don’t have their partner

#8 – Out of date vitamins

#9 – Coats that you never wear anymore

#10 – Computer games that the children have grown out of. Get them to swap with friends, or at a games store. In the future as well, why not consider looking in your local library, as some will have games to rent which can be a great way to see if you like a game, and to get more for your money without boredom setting in.

#11 – Anything that is past it’s best in the freezer. Contrary to popular belief – things don’t last forever once frozen, they will still deteriorate, albeit at a slower pace. Get used to rotating what’s in your freezer so this is less likely to happen in the future.

#12 – Numbers in your Phones PhoneBook – delete any numbers in your mobile phone that you don’t use anymore

#13 – Kids artwork (take photos or scan instead so you still have copies but less bulk) – only keep really special ones.

#14 – Old magazines. Why not look at an online service for magazines such as Readly instead of physical magazines** – this alleviates clutter brilliantly.

#15 – Clothes genres that you don’t use any longer (For example – work clothes when you now work from home or are a stay at home mum, maternity clothes if you’ve had your family now etc…)

#16 – Your bathroom scales – You really don’t need these in your life….

#17 – Gloves without a partner

#18 – Anything on your bedside table that doesn’t need to be there. We often become blind to what’s right in front of us – so take a good look, and only keep what *really* needs to be there.

#19 – Old bikes / scooters / trikes etc….

#20 – Ironing waiting to be done – declutter that pile by spending 15 minutes doing some!

#21 – Winter clothes that you didn’t wear, or that are worn out

#22 – Anything in the visors / mirror in the front of the car that shouldn’t be there (you can stuff quite a lot there if you try!)

#23 – Items on your cleaning schedule that someone else could do (delegate)

#24 – Out of date pet food / snacks

#25 – Hats that you don’t wear

#26 – Paint for rooms that you have since redecorated a different colour. When I look at the paint cans in my garage, I’m always amazed to find paint from years ago hiding there!

#27 – Scarves that you don’t wear

#28 – Subscriptions or memberships you never use

#29 – Old computers (take care to destroy the hard drive first)

#30 – Scratched DVDs or CDs

#31 – Plugin air fresheners that lost their scent a while ago

Declutter checklist for March

If you’d like your very own copy of the declutter checklist for March – then it’s available right now in the Printables Library.

This is where I keep ALL the free printables from around this site (including the March Homemaking TO DO list, which is apt at this time of year as well, right?!): –

Grab a free copy now!

There you have it – 31 items to purge from your home and life in March – AND a Free Checklist to stay on track.

The best way to stay on track all month and get a bit done each day.

I hope you have fun with this list and manage to purge loads in March, and that you join me next month for April’s checklist (and if you can’t wait until then, remember that the entire list is written out HERE).

Chrissy | Organise My House
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  • P P on Jan 30, 2023

    when getting rid of paint please donate to Habitat for Humanity, ReStore, or Green Project sites - even small amounts & weird colors can be blended into a cheap inexpensive generic shade of paint sold to frugal (or needy) folks!

  • Tammy Tammy on Mar 13, 2023

    Agree with keeping the scale! In my case though- have to make sure now that I keep the weight back on. After loosing too much after kidney cancer- now don’t want it too sneak back off like before. Weight fluctuations happen both ways- health is important and this one way to help keep an eye on it.