Boost Challenge: How to Clean & Declutter Your Home in 2023

by Simplify

You decided long ago that 2023 was going to be the year you simplify your home. And the time has come to get started once and for all. Fortunately, you are not alone. Mia Danielle is showing viewers how to simplify their home the right way following her boost challenge.

Looking for more of a challenge at home? Join subscribers just like you competing against themselves in the 2023 home organization challenge that’s designed to help you declutter, organize, and arrange your home the way you’ve always wanted it.

Like any good challenge, the boost challenge is designed around an acronym. The “b” in boost stands for boundaries, and Mia Danielle explains that boundaries means setting up a structure for what you allow into your home and how others treat the belongings in it.

This can imply keeping items you don’t love from entering your home in the first place or establishing rules for how family members and friends use items in your house and returning them to their original place once they’re done.

The first “o’ in boost stands for obstacles. These obstacles can be anything that gets in the way of achieving your decluttering, organizing, and storage goals at home, and they must be removed.

Organizing clothes in a drawer

The second “o” in boost represents order. And Mia Danielle expounds on this a bit when she says that the order of events is pretty important when working on your home. You must declutter first, organize second, then optimize third.

Moving on, the “s” in boost reminds us to simplify your life. By making all of the processes in your life easier, you won’t get drawn into more complex systems like having complicated organization features in each drawer, cabinet, and closet.

Lastly, the “t” in the boost challenge is for tenacity because you must stick to your goals in order to see them through.

Boost Challenge

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