30-Day Organization Challenge to Keep Your Home Clean & Orderly

by Simplify

Do you wish you were more organized but do not know where to start? Kallie Branciforte from But First, Coffee says that being organized is all about adopting daily habits.

She teaches how to organize your home in 30 days through a 30-day organization challenge, which will help you build these habits and become much more naturally organized so that your house is (and remains) clean and orderly. The challenge consists of five rules.

1. Remember you are what you repeatedly do

In order to build a daily routine, you have to make an effort to perform those tasks consistently. Do not skip days and do not let chores pile up.

2. Simplify your stuff

We waste most of our cleaning time tending to all the things we own, and many of them are just not worth it. Take 10 minutes every day to declutter something, even if it seems small and insignificant.

3. Control the flow

Kallie says it is crucial to maintain the balance between things that come into your house and things that leave it. Make sure to get rid of something each time you obtain something new.

4. Reduce excess packaging

Although it may be counterintuitive, Kallie claims that keeping products in their original packaging is less conducive to keeping things tidy. Meanwhile, light transparent containers are perfect for organizing.

How to organize your home

5. Give everything a home

Make sure every item has its designated space, and return it there after every use. Most importantly, do not be afraid to reevaluate your organizational structure when needed.

30-day organization challenge

By following these five simple rules, you should be able to organize your life in 1 month and become much more inclined to keep things in order. Good luck!

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To see more videos, check out the But First, Coffee YouTube channel.

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