20 Dollar Store Organization Hacks & Ideas For Your Home

by Simplify

Dollar Tree is one of the most affordable places out there to find organization products. But, did you know that the items they sell typically look great too? No joke!

Megan, from Glue Guns & Roses, loves to discuss the Dollar Store organization hacks she uses to make the most out of her fabulous finds, and she wants you to benefit from all of them too.

The first of Megan’s Dollar Store organization ideas she’s sharing today is to purchase ring phone holders and command hooks to hang up your remote controls so they never get lost again.

Cabinet shelves are another genius Dollar Store organization item, according to Megan, because you can use them for wall storage. When combined with a picture hanging kit, these cabinet shelves can be used to store wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, bows, ribbons, and gift boxes.

Other Dollar Store hacks for organizing that Megan swears by include using universal tool hooks with zip ties to hang brooms, stick vacuums, shovels, and extension cords in your closets and garage.

Organization hacks

Adding labels spruces them up and reminds family members where to return these items once they’ve used them.

Plus, Megan says that hanging a series of small trash cans along the wall on furring strip boards is one of the many Dollar Store organizing ideas she uses to store things like rolls of trash bags under the sink or toys and art supplies in her kids’ playroom.

But, her Dollar Store organization hacks don’t stop there. Megan also enjoys buying wooden dowel rods, metal bins, and different size hooks and binder rings, all of which she spray paints, to add vertical storage space for pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and sticky notes in her office.

She says you can even add small wire trash cans to this space as well for even more storage.

Dollar Store organization hacks

For more organization hacks, discover these practical Dollar Tree organizing ideas for your home or these smart Dollar Tree organization hacks.

To see more videos, check out the Glue Guns & Roses YouTube channel.

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  • Cindy Camic Cindy Camic on Jan 22, 2023

    I’m finding all the stores I go to a hot mess. Things still in boxes and no one to get things put away. I have visited 5 different location and they all seem to be the same. . I appreciate the cost of the items but I can’t find anything in stores. The online quantities are not needed for me. Sorry this is happening.

    • Nancy Nancy on Jan 22, 2023

      I see the SAME things with the local Dollar Tree store in Cedar Hill....

      It's sad!

  • Roberta Roberta on Jan 27, 2023

    I guess I am very lucky! My favorite DT store is always put together. Never boxes laying around or stuff on the floor. Everything is always organized, and they manage to add the new stuff without moving it around, so when you go in for an item, it's always with like items in the same spot. I tried 2 different ones in my town, but they were horrible. Carpet ripped up,garbage on the floor and high stacks of boxes everywhere. Stuff put just wherever they could find a spot. I always complement the workers for having the nicest DT in town.