Realistic & Practical Dollar Tree Organization Ideas For Your Home

by Simplify

Megan from Glue Guns & Roses shares with you tons of Dollar Tree organization ideas and hacks for every room in your home. She knows they work because she uses them in her own home.


  • Book rings make things more functional. Hang a chain of them in your closet for scarves. Attach a ring to an item to hang on a hook.


  • Hot glue hooks or napkin rings to wood. Slip small plastic glasses into the rings to corral small items.
  • Put a step organizer into a plastic bin to organize medications
  • Add a toothbrush holder (with suction cups) and S-hooks in the shower


  • Garden clips work great for chip bags
  • Fridge soda can storage organizers hold canned goods in the pantry
  • Use under-the-shelf storage wire bins in the pantry
  • Hook-and-loop tape holds down organizing trays
  • Keep shelf risers in place with adhesive wall hooks
  • Dish racks in drawers hold all kinds of items, such as lids
  • Hang dish racks anywhere, even upside down, and manipulate the wire arms to hold items, such as mail
  • Staple sturdy metal bins to a strip of wood and hang them on the wall for extra pantry storage
Wall hooks for organizing

Garage, craft rooms, offices, and laundry rooms:

  • Magnetic pockets store dryer sheets
  • Magnetic hooks on the side of appliances hide items like fly swatters
  • Metal wall hooks on a piece of wood hold metal cup organizers for small items
  • Hot glue clothespins to a small strip of wood to clip work gloves.
  • Use sturdy mesh tote bags as laundry bags
  • Add Universal Tool Hooks to a strip of wood for sporting equipment and tools
  • Make a bin on wheels to transport heavy items. Attach a metal plant trolley to the bottom of a bin.
  • Make a DIY peg board with scrap wood and nails

Dollar Tree organization ideas

Megan’s Dollar Tree organizing ideas are genius. She also uses carabiner clips (for keys) and toothbrush holders (for pens) to organize her purse. What items will you use?

For more organizing ideas, discover these Dollar Tree DIY hacks for organizing your home or these organization tips from professional organizers.

To see more videos, check out the Glue Guns & Roses YouTube channel.

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