17 Amazing Dollar Tree Organization Items For Your Home

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You’ll never pass these 17 items up again! These Dollar Tree home organization ideas will transform your cluttered counters and cupboards.

I’ll take you through our downsized rental home, and open up my drawers, cupboards, and closets to show you exactly how I got it done using these Dollar Tree organization hacks.

Dollar Tree bins

Party trays and bins

1. Party trays and bins

I went to the party section at Dollar Tree and got a smaller and larger tray. These trays fit on top of various bins, like locker bins, that you find throughout the store.

Fitting one of the trays on top of a basket gives you a high-end look. It helps you multiply your under-sink space since you can stack easier. Scoop up some of the larger bins and larger trays at Dollar Tree to use as stackable storage.

Organizing with small cubes

2. Small cubes

You’ve probably passed by this packet of 10 tiny cubes multiple times. But you can transform them into a new spice system. I created labels for my spices. It makes me so happy to find all my spices in one spot and it saves me so much space.  

Using water bottles for organization

3. Water bottles

Dollar Tree has variations of these clear screw-top water bottles. They’re great to drink from, but also to store commonly used items in your bathroom, like bath salts and bubble bath items. These large drink containers are also great additions to your laundry area and look really high-end.

Wire shelves from Dollar Tree

4. Wire shelves

These shelves are worth their weight in gold for small spaces. Use one on its own or zip-tie several together to maximize the space in every one of our small cupboards and under each sink. They are great in tight under-sink spaces where there are tons of pipes, like under the kitchen sink.

Simply elevate your cleaning products in the back of the cabinet so you can see them. I zip-tied four of these shelves to double the space in our linen closet. These shelves are great because they fit into the most awkward spaces in a home.

Sure Fresh boxes

5. Sure Fresh boxes

Dollar Tree’s own brand of plastic storage wear is Sure Fresh. Our small rental space does not have a pantry but I was able to transform our kitchen cupboards using these tall, oblong containers.

I also used this line of shorter Sure Fresh boxes to create a coffee and smoothie bar. These containers have stood the test of time for me.

Over-door hooks

6. Over-door hooks

Take a fresh look at over-door hooks. I hung my ironing board on the hook so I could find it and keep it out of the way. 

Plus baskets from Dollar Tree

7. Plus baskets

Comment here to let me know if you have a Dollar Plus section in your Dollar Tree store and how you feel about it. I was a little annoyed at Dollar Tree’s raised prices and introducing these $3 and $5 items. But I have to say these higher-end baskets have won me over to the Dollar Tree Plus section.

Glass jars for organization

8. Glass jars

Dollar Tree’s glass jars are so much less expensive than those you find almost anywhere else. I use them to make everything look so much more high-end in my pantry and bathroom.

Tip: Make sure when you buy a jar that the top screws on correctly because sometimes the threads may be misaligned.

Stacking bins for organization

9. Stacking bins

Now the stacking bins come in more neutral colors appropriate for all areas of the house. They’ve been a great tool under my kitchen sink.

Locker bins for organization

10. Locker bins

I can’t stop talking about these locker bins. The size is perfect for so many spaces, especially under the kitchen or bathroom sink. 

Litter boxes for organization

11. Litter boxes

Even if you don’t own a pet, don’t pass up these litter boxes. They are the perfect size to slip into closets in awkward and low areas. I use them with a foldable IKEA rack to maximize closet space to the top near the ceiling.

Acrylic boxes for organization

12. Acrylic boxes

Clear acrylic boxes are expensive but not at Dollar Tree. You can use them and remove the drawer section and hang them to store things on the insides of your cabinet doors. It helps to make use of the vertical spaces in a small apartment.

Peel-and-stick shelf paper from Dollar Tree

Peel-and-stick shelf paper

13. Shelf paper

Shelf paper (comes in sheets or rolls) brightens a dingy space and keeps it clean. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is perfect to use as shelf paper. I’ve even used this peel-and-stick wallpaper to refurbish placemats. I love the marble pattern that comes in a roll for a neutral, upscale look.

Using pillboxes to organize

14. Pillboxes

Medications don’t need to clutter our countertops. I secured them to the inside of my medicine cabinets with Velcro strips to hold our pills.

Travel bags and containers

15. Travel bags and containers

Summer is the time to snap up all kinds of small travel containers, from travel bags to cylindrical clear bottles. I used butterfly glitter stickers to make the plain containers look more expensive.

Using Dollar Tree placemats in your refrigerator

16. Placemats

Use placemats as shelf liners in your refrigerator. It makes spills so much easier to clean up. Put one under your heavy coffee maker so you can move it back and forth easier. 

Refrigerator stackers

17. Refrigerator stackers

Dollar Tree has some great Amazon dupes to create a Pinterest-worthy refrigerator, including egg holders and soda can holders.  

Dollar Tree organization

Bonus: Handled boxes

Handled boxes are so much easier to take in and out of spaces, especially if you have arthritis like me. They make everything easier to handle.

Dollar Tree organization

You can have a beautiful organized home by using these simple, affordable products.

Have you used these items? Do you have other Dollar Tree organization hacks and items you can share here? Comment below and let me know your very favorite Dollar Tree organization idea! 

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  • Ann Ann on Jul 31, 2023

    You should not store medicine in the bathroom,

  • Liz Liz on Sep 07, 2023

    Glass bottles in the bathroom on top of the toilet are not a good idea. People are usually barefoot in the bathroom and one can fall on the floor and splinter into hundreds of small pieces that sometimes even a vacuum will not pick up.