3 Top Minimalist Tips for Decluttering "Just in Case" Items

by Simplify

Want to declutter your house but you just can’t seem to let things go? It’s pretty easy to talk yourself into keeping items that you really don’t need on the off chance that you might eventually use them one day.

So Dawn from The Minimal Mom is here to help you break that cycle once and for all with her top minimalist tips for decluttering those “just in case” items.

Dawn says the secret is to recognize that your decision is based on fear. You want to let things go, but you’re afraid you might need them someday, and you can’t wrap your brain around what will happen if you do. To combat this problem, Dawn has developed several tips to declutter your home without needless worrying.

First, you need to understand that you can always use something else in your home to complete the same task. Second, you can always borrow that decluttered item from someone else during the rare times when you actually need it.

Lastly, if you realize that you would use that item regularly at some later point in time, you can always buy yourself a new one.

Minimalist tips for decluttering

While Dawn shares some of the best tips to declutter your home online, these are certainly at the top. Decluttering tips are plentiful, but the ones that really get down to the meat of the matter are the ones that help the most people.

And Dawn is no stranger to helping others transform their lives with her minimalist tips for decluttering. To make things even easier, Dawn suggests focusing on the facts instead of your feelings when making a decision on which items stay and which items go.

Stop worrying about making a mistake, and just take action based on the facts. You always have options if you declutter an item and need it later on.

Minimalist tips for decluttering

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